PHOTONEWS : Ondo State Ministry of Education School Now Hoodlum Hangout

A school in Akure, managed by Ondo State Ministry of Education, has fallen into such disrepair it's become the hangout of hoodlums.

Once the site of education for many of Ondo State's personalities and political figures, hoodlums now use classrooms, at LA 1 Nursery and Primary School on Stadium road, for gambling centers, smoking weed, and trading in stolen and looted goods.

The school is shown abandoned and occupied in photographs and a report supplied by local photo-videographer, Olumuyiware Abiodun.

Primary and second school girls are said to be raped there on occasion.

On Friday night, hoodlums accosted local trader Mrs. Iyabo Adepoju and her daughter.  She said, "We saw these three guys smoking Igbo (Indian hemp). Immediately, they accosted us and ordered us to wait. We were afraid and I started praying inside of me."

She added, "I don't know where the ray of light of a vehicle came from and flashed at us, immediately they saw the vehicles flash light they ran into different angles of the school, if not they would have raped myself and my 17 year old daughter."

A nearby resident said hoodlums use guns and knifes for target practice in the school, "Most of the asbestos in the Classes has been broken and damaged because weapons especially guns were always kept inside the building."

Another source said the school property has been stolen by the hoodlums, and despite the complaints of teachers to state police nothing happens.

Another source said mentally ill people are also using the building and have defaced it with toxic waste and human excrement, and the building is smelling and deteriorating.

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