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Boko Haram: The Abducted Girls--Americans Are Coming But It's A Nigerian Thing By Akintayo Samson

May 7, 2014

The extent of destruction and anarchy Nigerians have experienced from Boko Haram would have made governments of other countries stand still and find a real solution, but in Nigeria political campaigns mean far more.

As a Nigerian who has had a full encounter of tragedy with now globally recognized terror sect-Boko Haram and their leader in the person of "Madman Imam Abubakar Shekau". What is rather interesting is how some persons in leadership in Nigeria now view the whole drama of horror. For many of us who live in and around the epicenters of the crisis it is most funny how much thoughts of rage and anger these few individuals handling the Boko Haram issue will have towards Abubakar Shekau. But make no mistake, the anger is not about the girls missing or the terror campaign being unleashed on Nigerians on daily basis but the decision by Shekau and his boys to up the ante by taking the innocent school girls and the eventual global outrage that has now focus the searchlight of the international community on Nigeria.

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For the very first time Nigerian leaders now have real problem to solve other than strategizing on how to loot and the eventual stress of hiding their loot in different countries. Boko haram's abduction of the innocent school girls has now spoilt the party and brought the focus on the ability of the Nigerian government. Now suddenly they have to deliver on something other than their bogus claims on paper and fictitious manipulations. And with the Americans coming, the Boko Haram enterprise will definitely have to quickly close and clean up dirty linens as usual in Nigeria.

What is still amazing and confusing is that with the strength of the Nigeria Armed Forces and Intelligence agencies, Boko Haram still manages to exist till now. Or is it that some of us has over rated the capacity of the Nigerian Military? Personally, and I boldly say that to most knowledgeable Nigerians, Boko Haram still exists because before now some people who are not ready to finish off the sect. Boko Haram still manages to carry out their dastardly act of terror simply because their centre still hold together, and definitely things will fall apart within the Nigerian state if this continues. But the question is this: before now was the Boko Haram issue another Nigerian thing? All Nigerians know that every thing that happens in Nigeria is another opportunity to get some money for those in power, when roads are built, hospitals constructed, schools and even pupils’ school uniforms are sown-it is always an avenue for some to siphon the federal or state funds. So was Boko Haram another project before now?

To the world Boko Haram might be a new terror horror unfolding, but to millions of victims like me who has lived the full circle of an encounter with Boko Haram it is rather funny how the Nigerian leadership has handled the Boko Haram debacle. It is very important that the international community should note that human lives are worth nothing to successive governments in Nigeria and worst is the present government in Nigeria whose main act is to read a ready made statement of consolation after each Boko Haram attack. The extent of destruction and anarchy Nigerians have experienced from Boko Haram would have made governments of other countries stand still and find a real solution but in Nigeria political campaigns mean far more.

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The irony of this issue is that Nigeria had to wait for a real embarrassment before getting serious with Boko Haram. With all the resources Nigeria has in terms of intelligence and military, it makes no sense that Boko Haram has taken Nigeria to the cleaners so simply. But then everything in Nigeria is business, every circumstance too. Probably the Nigerian leadership thought Boko Haram was another Nigerian thing where money will change hands in terms of bogus and over bloated security budgets, where by they will siphon state funds as usual but how unlucky they are. Boko Haram means business, and to make the matter worse now there is social media where the world can connect with just a click of a button on a computer or smart phone. The Chibok girls abduction has created a real mess for the Nigerian Government, now they just have to be responsible.

Nigeria military and intelligence has done nothing reasonable as far as Boko Haram is concerned, they have employed blind military strategies that at times amazes "bloody civilians" like me. With the amount of information going around at times in local areas regarding Boko Haram, it is amazing that Abubakar Shekau was never located before now. The funniest of all is that even soldiers confronting the terror sect now mostly question the sincerity of the Government to truly solve the Boko Haram problem.

It is sad but also great that Nigeria has to get to this point of tragedy, although I count myself to be lucky to be alive but the disaster four years on is still reflective in my daily life. The most painful however is that these girls have found themselves in circumstances no word can define. In as much as I would love to see the whole process of how the Nigeria government solves the problem I wish it was all in a dream especially with the abduction of these girls.

But now that the Americans are coming, let us pray the Americans will cure the Nigerian way of doing things: at least for the safe returns of these girls to their families and maybe the eventual demise of Abubakar Skekau and elimination of Boko Haram.

Akintayo Samson

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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