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Letter To Chibok School Abductees By Mukhtar Jarmajo

May 12, 2014

You may wish to accept my apologies for not writing you all this while. I had thought that you would be rescued and brought back home within the shortest possible time hence my reason for not writing you much earlier. As much as you are, I am unhappy and particularly disappointed that Nigeria's federal government, in whose hands the nation`s security apparatus rests, has fail to come to your aid almost a month after your abduction.

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The news of your abduction on 14th April instantly was received with total dismay. Many a countryman was flabbergasted by the detail that almost 250 of you were whisked away by uniformed, unknown gunmen with no hindrances by the nation's security apparatus. This was to tell you that the nation's security is now at its lowest ebb.

But a nation without security is a nation without virtually everything. If the people are not guaranteed the safety of their lives and property, they can as well forget about every other thing. Security is everything- for without it everything disappears. It is badly lacking here and so Nigeria is in dire need of everything a nation needs.

But specifically, good leadership is what the nation needs at this point in time. Experienced and sincere crops; not mediocre and scoundrels, are needed at the helm of Nigeria's affairs at this time. The callousness with which your matters are being handled simply indicates this. Jonathan and his aides are simply never ready for this nation.

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Rather than developing strategies and working out ideas on how best to rescue and get you back home, the presidency decided to remain silent till almost three weeks of cries and lamentations in Nigeria's public space.

#BringBackOurChildren is the slogan and the people are still on streets not only here in Nigeria but also in many other communities of the world protesting your abduction.

The long silence and inaction on your abduction by the federal government could of course have one of three meanings. One, it may be that the federal government had a hand in it. Two, it may be part of a plan to provide concrete reasons that would in the end allow the West to come to Africa and Nigeria in particular to establish its long desired Africom in the continent. And three, it may be Jonathan is so incompetent that he cannot design and implement a strategy that would finally see you home.  

The drama that transpired in the presidency when the first family decided to quit silence and act remains a pointer to Jonathan`s incompetence. Perhaps because you are away it hasn’t come to your knowledge that it’s not only Jonathan who is in charge of Nigeria now, but his entire family. So it’s about the first family not the President.

When the first family decided to act, Mr. Jonathan conveyed a meeting with Defense Service Chiefs and in a manner of presidential directive, subsequently challenged the DSCs to rescue and bring you home. Whilst Dame Patience summoned many public officials from Borno state including Commissioners of Education and Health and of course your school Principal to make enquiries into your abduction case.

Where Dame Patience got the power to summon officials of government remains a question our Constitution direly seeks answer to. But she did summon them and in the course of the inquiry disgraced herself, her husband and Nigeria. With poor grammar she talked and confused herself. She cried telling her listeners that #ThereRisGod. But that was all. She didn't go to Borno to sympathize with your mothers who are praying for your return.

However, not only them are in this. We are with all of you and together we pray for your return, write against and protest the callousness with which government is handling our matters. I do hope that you get rescued and returned home sooner than later.


On Twitter: @mukhtarjarmajo

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

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