The Association of Movie Producers in Nigeria (AMP) says the film industry in Nigeria has created two million jobs plus in the last twenty years.

In a "Friends of Nollywood" award ceremony held on Saturday by the Abuja Chapter of AMP, the associations's President Zik Zulu said the upsurge in jobs in the billion-dollar industry has had a substantive impact on the nation's economy and its growth.

Executive Council, Association of Movie Producers NigeriaExecutive Council, Association of Movie Producers Nigeria

“Today, you have an industry that is worth over two billion dollars, employing over two million Nigerian youths, helping in a way to check the restive situation in the country,” Zulu told the audience, made up of industry players and sponsors.

Zulu further suggested that the Nigerian film industry has had a significant role in the shift in image that has taken place for Nigeria internationally. “This is a department of life that has done a lot to change the impression and the image of this country positively,” he said.

Zulu implores the government to continue to consistently fortify efforts to support Nollywood and acknowledge its impact on Nigeria.

“I think the federal and state governments, and the private sector in Nigeria have to do more for Nollywood, because this is a department of this country’s life,” he said.

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