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Marry Igbo, I'll Disown You....Get Belle For Hausa, Just Waka Go Alone! By Soyombo Ayomikun

July 4, 2014



1. We smell

Of bigotry


Our hearts

 So far apart

 We smile together

 As if we are one

  While deep inside

  Hatred still lurks

  Our love

  Is bound by geography

  Our unity

  Bothering on tongue


  2. Akin fell

  Sweetly in love

  With Amaka

  She had beautiful eyes

  He danced around

  Like one gone insane

  He couldn't wait

  To go prostrate at the East

  One night

  Papa called him

  Marry Igbo, he said

  And I'll disown you


3.   Adoabi 

  Felt something towards Ali

 He melts her heart always

 Like butter tossed into fire

 She wanted her womb

To bulge with a Northern seed

 She dreamt of eating 'fura'

 Barefooted on the streets of Kano

 Ali was a god

 She became his goddess

 "If you get belle for hausa," mama warned her one evening

 Just waka go alone


4. The Yorubas

 Whispers to their daughters

  "Igbos are dangerous

 Don't marry their men

 If he should die

 You will see hell

 The water they use to clean his corpse

 You will be given to drink in gulps

They'll chase you away

Empty handed,into sorrows

 Though the sun rises from the East

 Their hearts are dark"

5. The Hausa man

  Tells his son

  To beware of the Igbo girl

  Their dowries,wicked millions

  "How can he exchange 300 cattles

  For a girl," he asks his son

  When the north remains

  A big pool of beauties

  Beauties that appreciate 'dankwa'

  Beauties that drink 'kunu'

  Beauties so cheap and close by

  Heaven's miracle"

6. Then the Igbo man

 Calls his son

 Warns him to never marry

 From the Yorubas,especially from Ijebu

 They are made up of charms

 They can pluck the sun off the clouds

 They can transform their in-laws

 Into mad souls eating grass

 They breathe juju

 They 'shit' juju

"If you mistakenly impregnate a Yoruba girl

 Nna, no come back home again"

7. This is what we are

 Behind our walls

 We nurture our seeds

 With manures of hatred

We see the other tribe

As being a step lower

 We see the other tribe

 As a contaminant

 Hence, whenever we gather together

 Disorderliness springs up

  If you don't understand,peep into the national confab

  There you'll hear justice Kutigi screaming 'order!' 'order!'


8. There won't be order

  Until we drown deceit

  There won't be order

 Until Akin can happily marry Amaka

There won't be order

 Until Adoabi & Ali can kiss freely

 There won't be order

 Until Nigeria melts into one happy mould

 Bigotry gave birth to bombs

 Bigotry gave birth to deaths

 Until our aisles 

 Leads from the North to the south

 And from the East to the West

 There won't be serenity

 There won't be order

Even if Justice Kutigi shouts 'Order!' forever


N.B : all the names featured in this piece are fictitious,the exception being that of Justice Kutigi,chairman of the national confab.


Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85

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