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More Attacks in Lamu, Kenya Despite Police Claims of Success

July 11, 2014

In Kenya, a fresh attack was reported in Lamu on Friday, barely six hours after police boasted of a major breakthrough when they arrested two suspects of Somali origin, according to a CAPITALFM story.

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo with his deputy Samuel Arachi during a press conference.

The attack occurred Thursday night at Pandanguo village, where six people were killed and houses torched two weeks ago.

Reports from Lamu indicate that the armed group that also torched several houses also robbed Kenya Police Reservists of their six firearms.

There are no immediate reports of casualties from the latest attack that has renewed fears amongst residents who had been assured of maximum security after heavy police deployments.

The attack comes hours after Deputy Inspector General Samuel Arachi announced the arrest of 2 suspects of Somali origin who were found at a ranch owned by a local tycoon.

Police recovered 10 firearms from the suspects linked to previous attacks in Mpeketoni and Gamba area where over 70 people have been killed.

Police have since arrested more than 60 suspects whom they claim are linked to the continued attacks.

Despite claims by Al Shabaab terror group that it is behind the attacks, the Government says the attacks is politically and accuses Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) for the killings.

The killings in Lamu County started on June 15 when heavily armed men raided Mpeketoni where they shot men and torched a number of businesses.

They also raided the local police station in the attack that lasted more than four hours.

President Uhuru Kenyatta immediately blamed local political networks and warned that no one will be spared in the investigations regardless of their status in society.

He also ordered the transfer and prosecution of senior security personnel in the area, accusing them of sleeping on the job.

Even with the stern warning, hours later the gunmen raided Maporomoko village near Mpeketoni and more weeks later, deaths continue to occur.

Other than prominent businessman in the area being arrested and charged in court, the area Governor Issa Timamy is facing charges of murder, forceful eviction of populations and terrorism over the Mpeketoni attacks.