Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who became ill with the Ebola sickness during a visit to family members in Texas, is reported to be in stable but critical condition in the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Thomas Duncan1

According to The Daily Beast, Dallas health officials have placed a close associate of Thomas Duncan, 40,  under close observation, although the unnamed individual’s state of illness has not been described.

Close to 100 people who have had varying degrees of contact with Thomas Duncan have been placed under surveillance in Dallas, Texas. Duncan, who is the first known person to have left Africa with the disease, is said to have gotten infected with the Ebola virus after having close contact with a dying pregnant woman in Liberia just four days before arriving in the US.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has reassured Americans that his state has the necessary resources to prevent an outbreak of the disease in the United States.

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