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Boko Haram’s “Representative” In Ceasefire Talks Bogus, Says Salkida

October 19, 2014

Ahmad Salkida, a journalist with access to some top leaders of Boko Haram, has alleged that a man named Danladi Ahmadu, who reportedly represented the Islamist group in ceasefire negotiations with the Nigerian government, is bogus and an impostor.


Mr. Salkida, who is currently in self-exile, asserted that Mr. Ahmadu was not authorized to speak on behalf of Boko Haram or the group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau. He added that the Nigerian government was caught in the hoax of negotiating with an impostor.

According to him, it is the Islamist sect that ought to announce a ceasefire and not the Nigerian government since it was Boko Haram that declared war on the Nigerian state.

Mr. Salkida made these assertions in a series of tweets in his twitter handle monitored by our correspondent in Abuja. “Where in the world will a government say they killed Shekau, two weeks later, met a delegation sent by the same Shekau to discuss a ceasefire? If we are Chinese, some people claim Shekau is a title and ‘Boko Haram’ always finds his look-alike to assume Shekau each time they kill him? Haba! When we said Shekau was alive two weeks ago, we were nearly crucified here. Now the Federal Government agrees Danladi Ahmadu speaks for Shekau? Is Shekau mutating?” he wrote on twitter.

Mr. Salkida continued: “I challenge Danladi Ahmadu to an open debate if he has d interest of Nigeria at heart. Who is he? Where was he pre-2009? Why is he leading this? The name Danladi, based on ‘Boko Haram’ ideology, is ‘filthy.’ It refers to ‘someone born on Sunday,’ unlike the norm of picking strictly Muslim names. Sadly, no town taken by BH has been reclaimed [by Nigerian troops] beyond media-derived hype. Show us the video or pictures. Take reporters there. Simple.

“I don't care if it is Idriss Deby or whoever; Danladi Ahmadu is NOT part of ‘Boko Haram’ Shura [governing council] [nor] speaks for them as far as I know. It also appears that govt is more interested in shadows and bubbles, than in substance and clearheaded engagement with the ‘Boko Haram’ ideology.”

Mr. Salkida explained that his parents were displaced because of the insurgency, adding that he was speaking based on facts. He advised the government to desist from tagging Nigerians ‘APC’ members for daring to state the facts.

He tweeted that the present rhetoric about a ceasefire with Boko Haram showed that the Nigerian government and military had no clear understanding of the sect’s ideology and principles.

Less than 24 hours after ostensibly agreeing to the ceasefire, Islamist terrorists carried out two attacks on communities in Borno State. More than 15 people died in the separate attacks, with houses and other property destroyed as well. The timing of the attacks seemed designed to undermine the spreading news that Boko Haram had inked a ceasefire deal.