Yesterday I saw something, something that wasn't new to me. Three Africans had been attacked and beaten up by a mob of hundreds in India. I won’t go into the story of what they did, but just know their only offense was that they were black. The police stood there and did nothing while these three young men were flogged and brutalized.

Does this surprise you? It shouldn't because Africans have become the punching bags of other nations. I watched as Ethiopian children were hung from the ceiling, tied up and flogged mercilessly by Saudi Arabians.

I remember their horrifying screams and begging. But the Arabs took turns brutalizing these young Africans, father and son taking turns in beating an African child, because he was Ethiopian. 

Delhi Mob Attacking Nigerian Student

What of Malaysia, where Nigerians are being killed, Singapore and any Asian country you can think of. Africans are being abused. In every Arab country there is hatred for our black skin. They say that there are good people in these countries who aren't racist ... I'm tired of hearing such excuses.

Why Are We Being Abused Outside Africa?

Simple, because we abuse ourselves inside Africa. The crimes we commit against ourselves, Igbo fighting Hausa, Ijaw fighting Itsekiri, Nigerians chasing out Ghanaians i.e ‘Ghana must go’ etc.

We have no value for our fellow Africans, because we beat, lynch, mob and oppress our fellow black man, how then won't these countries oppress us? Ghanians killed in The Gambia, Mozambique man killed in South Africa, Liberians killed in Nigeria because a Liberian brought Ebola to Nigeria. How is white on black violence more shocking than black on black violence?

Nigerians Are Not Prone To Racism 

I remember traveling to Lokoja, there is a population of foreign beggars, probably Lebanese. And these little Lebanese children would run to me, grab my arm and ask for money. I didn't know if they had not taken a bath in 2 weeks, but I didn't rebuke them. I didn't want to beat them. No, I bought them apples and gave them money, and did it so often the apple traders were surprised that I would rather feed these strangers than chase them away.

The Indians came to us for help back then, we welcomed them, we welcomed the Lebanese, the Arabs, the Chinese. We were happy to see them, some called it a colonial mentality, but I call it acceptance. Never have I heard that Nigerians attacked their Indian community. But yet they beat us like animals in their own country while the police stand back and do nothing.

The Indians cried "save mother India" as they whipped the black Nigerians out of India. But there are almost a million Indians living in Nigeria. We have not harmed them, so why do they harm us?

If the Americans and the Canadians and the British could whip us too, they would have done so. In fact they already did so in the past. But now they have their human rights to protect so they just insult us instead. 

American Politicians Ann Coulter and Senator Ted Cruz have outwardly called 170 million Nigerians fraudsters and human traffickers, even though Nigerians are the most educated people living in America. So there is nothing we can do to prove ourselves to these people?

The African Government Has Failed Its People

You really do not need me to explain this paragraph, just look around you and you will see.

You know the funny thing? Those boys beaten and hospitalized in India were not Nigerians. They were from Gabon and Burkina Faso. So why did the Indians keep calling them Nigerians?

Why did the Indians want to beat Nigerians so badly? What did Nigeria do to India?

The future is in your hands, change Africa and our people would no longer have to endure all this because they go in search of greener pastures. The government has failed Africa, will you fail her too?

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