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Impunity As Former Governor Peter Obi’s Dubious Crime- Fighting Posture Shielded His Relations By Mokwe

Nigerians are collectively in a town-crier mode, it is deafening and simultaneous at the same time, all as a consequence of a singular act of removing the security details of Aminu Tambuwal, the speaker of Federal House of Representatives. Not minding my opinion, strict adherence to the rule of law is the basis of any democratic existence and the abuse of it invariably leads to anarchy in the long run.

On hindsight, did we unconsciously call for impunity actions from our leaders? Do we celebrate it when and if they do? Do we tend to ignore actions that encourage executive rascality? In no distant past, Anambraians celebrated Peter Obi’s abundant impunity actions by giving him all sorts of award. By that, his naked unlawful acts, including his third-world madness called Upper Class Hotel Demolition became the norm in the society at large and it is crying time. Comrade Timi Frank shouted to the high heavens in the Nation Newspaper of 3/11/2014 at page 57.

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Nigerians fail to appreciate the fact that the celebration that came with the categorization of Nigeria as Ebola free by the W.H.O (World Health Organization) was as a result of nipping the virus spread at the bud. Peter Obi should have been called to order but nobody did, we celebrated it as crime fighting.

Now to the issue at hand. Does the larger society know that Peter Obi wanted the location of Upper Class Hotel for his business interest and hence the demolition and clearance of the debris within 24 hours of my arrest? Do they also know that I had not made any written statement to the police before he started demolishing my hotel? What kind of law will make him to do that? If at all, there is such a piece of paper, it must have been passed by brain-deads and retards in every sense of it, an absolute affront to the constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Does the larger society know that in the case of Arthur Garden Hotel Nkpor, Anambra State, kidnappers were actually arrested at the place, the due process was followed by sealing the place and investigations were conducted? Where was the so-called Anambra State law of instant demolition without investigation? Does the society also know that Peter Obi tried to sort out the gross injustice but backed out at the last minute because he felt it will affect his political ambition? For a detailed history of the incident, click here

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Crime fighting my foot! On the 8th day of June 2014, my manager, Justin Nwankwo, and I, were interviewed at the High Court premises Onitsha by a representative of Amnesty International that was assigned to investigate our case. The very representative (name withheld) then visited CSP James Nwafor (O.C. Awkuzu SARS) on the 10th day of June, two days after our interview, at his office. Their discussion was interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Peter Obi instructing that his nephew, (name withheld), son of Dominic Obi, Peter Obi’s elder brother, who was facing a kidnap charge, be released from their custody. He was out of the place seconds after. His father’s building (Nado Supermarket, Modebe Ave., Onitsha) was not demolished based on the so-called law.

I know a lot more about the very case including the name of the victim, the suspects arrested with Peter Obi’s nephew, and even the history of the very Obi’s nephew, inclusive of the time he was sent to prison for an incident that was a close-shave for Peter Obi’s existence. How many Anambraians has a Peter Obi in their family that is above the obtainment at Awkuzu SARS?

Some of our people that are emotionally defending Peter Obi must also think in their sober moments and put themselves in the victim’s position. It could be any of them one day, their uncle, brother, son or cousin or even descendants. I left the shores of Nigeria at the age of 16 to study in the west and it came with assimilating generational thoughts in action.

I am saying this with 100% certainty that if any one of them is put through the works at Awkuzu SARS, in an effort to conform with the agenda, the very person will happily sign a statement not only agreeing to have killed the present Pope and Barack Obama of United States of America, all in one day, he will cap his statement by accepting responsibility for the removal of Aminu Tabuwal’s security detail and it will be filed in court as confessional statement. I was a victim and an eye-witness.

Awkuzu SARS under James Nwafor is operating without practical and verifiable checks and balances. Their modus operandi is the height of total disregard for the rule of law and nobody is saying a word until a relation of the Pope or Peter Obi becomes a victim. Should it be that way? If yes, let us then accept the eventual spread and subsequent acceptance of the obtainment.

Chief Bonaventure C. Mokwe,


APGA Chieftain,

Aguata L.G.A.  

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