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The Day David Mark Was Face-Marked By Comrade Abdulateef Usman Abiodun

Let me first of all ask for permission from all language minders to allow me use these words "face-marked". It means slap. Yes, dirty, hot slap. But one funny thing about slap is that, it hardly land on the faces of big men. At least, publicly. Its rules says it is only meant for some stubborn little ones. But this time around, the rules are changing fast. Just like the famed "Telephone is not meant for the poor" of the then younger Mark, which now is now affordable for every Tom, Dick and Harry. These days too, slaps are landing on unusual faces.


The settings is the National Assembly. The acts are members of the House of Representatives. The producer is Emperor Jonathan. The Director is the IGP. The title/theme is: Protect the speaker by all means. The date was on Thursday, 20th of Nov., when members defied all powers that be to fight for what they belief in: protecting Speaker Tambuwal against the tyranical rule of the president by ordering them to be shut out. I don't even know the role to give the slap receiver.

Let's just call him David Mark as 'Slap Receiver'.

Before you could say 'Mark', one of the actors, Hon. AbdulMalik Ocheche has faced-marked the Senate President, David Mark. Dirty slap he gave him. Ever since, I have been trying to know the version of slap handed to this Benue-born politician. Is it Igbaju, Ifoti or Ifoti Olooyi. All these slaps have their different potency on the face. I amcurious to know because I want to know where to place that guy that slapped an old man like Mark, as if he doesn't know that slaps are not meant for the rich.

If the SP has received IFOTI, that one won't take him much time for him to recover. It is an old version. But if it is IGBAJU OLOOYI that Hon., that didn't have respect for the cheek of elders landed on him, that would be terrible. When He received that one, I am sure He probably lost balance and his head went into "auto-search" as the old senator will be looking for what hit him.

Chei, that devil is a liar.

While that is going, in another part of the location, other actions was were being carried out. Fence and gate was being scaled. Eyes were being teargassed. Police was maltreating Reps. Blows were being thrown around. By the time this movie of madness is ready for release, we might all be too busy counting our loses to watch it.

What happened to David mark is a very sign that all is not well with our democracy. If the No. 3 citizen can be face-marked, it shows thatthings are becoming fragile, tensed and heated up. The President should soft pedal because the way things are happening fast, only God knows what can happen. Those advising him to be using those approach of violence to tackle the problem in the NASS are surely his enemies.

Those methods won't fly.

The President is hell bent on returning to power. Let him carry on and divide the country all because He want to rule till 2019. All I know is, no matter how many power retaining tactics he tries, he can't rule this country beyond May 29, 2019. Not even a single day. But what his devilish advisers failed to tell him is that: there will be HISTORY and that history will only remember one man: Jonathan. Not the thousands tha loot and misled him. For Jonathan, there are three episodes in the life of an empire- the rise, the peak and the fall.

History is not too kind with those under whom great empires crumble, especially those who fail to show act of sagacity when trouble is on the way.

As for the man who slapped Mark, I learnt he said he has forgiven him.

Only time will tell if he has, truly.

(Comrade Abdulateef Usman Abiodun, a journalist, writes from Lagos via
[email protected]/07037657426)