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Paternity Controversy: I Have Six Children Now And They Are With Me, Says Femi Kuti

November 28, 2014

Famous Afro-beat musician, Femi Kuti, has confirmed that he discovered through a DNA investigation that two of his children did not belong to him.

"I was 46 when I discovered that," Kuti said of the published story about the paternity of his children, which became the subject of a controversy on social media on Friday.


Reacting to the issue when contacted by SaharaReporters, Kuti disclosed that the DNA inquiry was undertaken with the consent of the mother of the children.

“I told her I cannot father children that are not mine and I gave them back to her," he disclosed.

Kuti, 52, said he was 46 when he made the discovery that two of the five children belonged to someone else.

"I now have six children that are mine," he said, proudly, adding that some of them are currently with their mother.

"I mean, I see them whenever I want to. So, they're with me."

He added that one of  his legitimate children is currently in England, studying music.

The celebrated saxophonist said he could not understand why the story about the paternity of his children is being recirculated on social media.  The story gained new life when it hit social media and some blogs this morning.