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Entrusting The Future Of Nigeria In Care Of Muhammad Buhari-Beyond Mere Incorruptible Antecedents By Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola

The scheming among interested Candidates struggling to emerge as the flag bearer of the leading opposition party in Nigeria came to conclusion with the successful conduct of Presidential Primary Election at the National Convention of All Progressive Congress on 11th December, 2014 at the National Stadium Lagos State. The convention was adjudged credible enough to serve as a model for internal democracy within political parties as the rudiments involved were in tandem with the dictates of democracy.


The focal interest of the party stalwarts and members is to entrust the future of Nigeria into the care of a credible personality with the capable will and experience to reposition this Country for greatness. The contest featured reputable performers with good degree of sincerity and genuine interest to restore sanity to our polity and make life bearable for the masses. The result of the election produced General Mohammad Buhari as the winner with a landslide victory in the keenly contested election owing to his popularity and attestation of good intentions for Nigeria.

It is the third time the retired General of the Nigeria Army is seeking the mandate of the masses to lead the Country as a duly elected President, although he failed on the last two occasions but his failure has been seen as a liability to the masses base on acts of impunity and crude actions of the ruling party that defeated him on the two occasions. It is worthy to note that GMB featured in previous election without a formidable platform other than multitudes of followership, but his emergence under a viable platform with reputable power brokers capable of ensuring his victory is seen as a good omen to the masses.

With this trend, many observers and commentators have made commentaries on the emergence of GMB while querying the existence of comprehensive roadmap for the revamping of our falling economy and put smiles on the faces of Nigerians. Most commentaries align with truism of incorruptible posture of Buhari but argued that fighting of corruption is not a guarantee for a productive economy in Nigeria.

Comments are free but facts are sacred is a popular maxim that commands respects when it comes to judgment of an issue. It is then imperative to factually state that the ultimate challenge confronting Nigeria today is corruption which is responsible for the poor fate of the masses in general. The economy of a Country will only progress only when corrupt practices is at the lowest rate both by the government and the masses. 

In the glorious days of this Country, law and order were very effective which enhanced security of lives and properties, sound economy and structural developments. In Nigeria today, law and order are not only ineffective but promotes corruption and criminalities. The masses suffer series of deprivations and oppression as a result of poor government policies while the security agencies aid and abet corrupt practices.

The ultimate challenge of our Country today is corruption which is responsible for insecurity, economic recession, austerity, failed standard of education and other vices in Nigeria. It is good to request for a comprehensive roadmap of GMB on the development of our economy, but it is better to concentrate on solving our ultimate challenge and it is best to set a time bound target for GMB by setting an agenda with the roadmap for proper implementation.

General Muhammad Buhari is worthy in character and experience to implement programmes and policies that will add value to the people, he has the proven potentials required to solve our economic problems in Nigeria. GMB possess the required credentials to solve our numerous problems in Nigeria which are sincerity of purpose, sense of patriotism, dedication to duty and commitment.

The inherent charisma and proven integrity of GMB is an attestation of his outstanding personality beyond mere incorruptible stance. Economy simply means relationship between production, trade and supply of money in a Country; the Country has failed on the path of controlled economy, while mixed economy has impoverished the masses as a result of corruption. In a nutshell, Law and Order must be returned to the Country by ensuring a corruption free Nigeria where security agents will enhance the effectiveness of law and order.

The preponderance of decadence among Nigeria Youths and the attendant effects of immoral activities across board greatly impede on the sustenance of moral values. A well-disciplined society will enable a productive economy where the principles of production, trade and supply will not burdened the masses.

Enabling policies and regulations on finance, importation and exportation of goods will not be at the expense of home grown economy where abundance of production will translate to sufficiency of basic daily needs of people. In reality, the situation of the Country today where poverty and employment is at the peak, the instant solution is a government that will return the mindset of the people towards entrepreneurship and guide them towards positive actions that will eradicate poverty and end hunger in Nigeria.

The service of a leader with hallmark in morality and sincerity of purpose like GMB is ultimately required to return the Country to path of discipline and equity before the law. The effectiveness of both the Judiciary and legislature under a disciplined President of Nigeria will culminate into sanity and provision of the needs of the society.

The Manifesto of the All Progressive Congress released at the National Convention contained the comprehensive roadmap to the development of the Country and the readiness of the party to assemble sane and productive personalities to collaborate with General Muhammad Buhari in the administration of government duties is a guarantee that GMB will be a blessing to the Country if elected as a President of Nigeria.

We hereby call on all Nigerians to give the required support to the bid of General Muhammad Buhari to provide outstanding leadership to the country, haters and pessimist are enjoined to allow the prevalence of reasoning over mediocrity.

Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola
National Coordinator,
Mass Action for Good Governance and Grassroots Development in Nigeria
[email protected] 09050768508