Dr. Damages Show – Episode 167: Election 2015: Our Pastors Have Gone Mad Again Dr. Damages Show – Episode 167: Election 2015: Our Pastors Have Gone Mad Again

Election 2015 campaign is on. And your good doctor, Dr. Damages, is deep into it.

According to Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state, despite the accomplishments of the ruling PDP, party leaders are quiet, not flaunting them. It’s making the president sad and angry. Dr. Damages explains why PDP leaders are quiet and how they can regain their voices. On the APC side, despite the missing certificate saga, the presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari kicks off his campaign across the South South and South East. Dr. Damages questions Buhari’s signature policy and makes a stadium-size suggestion on how to make it practical.

“God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists,” screams Bishop David Oyedepo. “If you catch anyone that looks like them – kill him! Kill him and pull out his neck. I will spill his blood on the ground. What nonsense!” With that the richest pastor in all of Africa launches a diatribe on Nigeria’s situation. And in Enugu, Rev. Father Mbaka stirs the settled water of Politics 2015 East of the Niger with his ‘Goodluck is now Badluck sermon’. Dr. Damages helps you to understand what is really making our pastors mad.

If the pastors are this mad, what will be the fate of the flock?

Like other prophets of his stature, Dr. Damages makes his 2015 prediction. It is about Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Ngoo Baby. He also gives you the usual- headlines, Concern for Today and the delectable Tomato Jos reads your emails.

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