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Police Claims Suicide Bombing Of Kano Motor Park Killed 12 Person

After a brief respite from Boko Haram insurgency attacks in troubled Kano State, a suicide bombing occurred around 3 p.m. Tuesday at Kano Line motor park, around Kofar Nassarawa on Zaria Road, Tuesday. The blast resulted in 12 deaths though eyewitnesses at the scene reported higher figures.[slideshow]37932[/slideshow]

According to the Police Commissioner of the Nigeria Police Force's Kano Command, Ibrahim K. Idris, the two male suicide bombers, suspected to be 17 or 18, entered the park disguised as passengers, before detonating the explosives. “They are two male suicide bombers," the commissioner said, adding "While disguised as passengers one of them was able to board a Sharon bus, then blew himself up, [killing] the passengers on the bus."

Other persons also sustained injuries as a result of the tragic development, though exact figures are unclear. "The investigation is still at the preliminary stage; that is why we cannot give a comprehensive account of the injured ones. But we learned that some people sustained various degrees of injuries. They have since been conveyed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.”

The commissioner further disclosed that the two suicide bombers were not set ablaze by angry youth surrounding the scene of the event, as rumored.