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The Audio Tape On Ekiti Election Is Plan A. Plans B, C, & D Are In The Pipeline By Dr. Wumi Akintide

February 25, 2015

They have plans A, B, C, and D. The plan A was abandoned or modified following the release of the audiotape by Captain Sagir Koli to Sahara Reporters of New York. The audio tape recording clearly revealed how the Ekiti gubernatorial election was rigged in favor of Ayo Fayose, one of the most dangerous politicians of Nigeria today who constantly urge President Jonathan to damn the consequence and to use the powers conferred on him as Commander-in-Chief to rig the election.


President Jonathan has, up until recently, touted the appointment of Professor Atahiru Jega, as Chairman of INEC as one of his success stories. Most Nigerians, me included, agree that Jega was a good pick, and we all congratulated the President. The President is singing a different tune today and accusing Professor Jega of disloyalty and incompetence.

When Jega got his Commission to address the issue of how to end or minimize election rigging by the party in power at the Federal or state levels, Jonathan and the PDP became nervous and they started losing confidence in Jega. Jega and his colleagues at INEC listed no less than 87 gimmicks that the Party at the Center had used in the past to rig elections and he was effectively developing strategies to block the loopholes. That was a no go area for Jonathan and his PDP who began to lose confidence in Jega for doing his job the right way.

They feel so threatened by his move that they no longer want to renew his contract. They have found another former Vice Chancellor, a brother of the current Governor of Ondo State to be the man to replace Professor Jega. President Jonathan and the PDP now view Governor Olusegun Mimiko as the MVP or the king pin to help the PDP recapture all of the Southwest since the man has the support of the relic of the Afenifere Group whose current leader, Chief Fasoranti comes from Ondo State.

They view Governor Mimiko as a magician who can help them turn water into wine and feed thousands of people with just a loaf of bread in Nigerian politics. They have given Mimiko enough money to woo the Afenifere group back into the PDP but they forget that the Afenifere group is no longer the power brokers it used to be in Yoruba politics in Awolowo era. A faction of the Afenifere led by Ahmed Tinubu and Bisi Akande now control much of the Southwest and the old Afenifere led by Chief Fasoranti are very unhappy about the reality on the ground, and are therefore willing and ready to follow Governor Mimiko into the PDP if the price is right. President Jonathan actually came to Ondo State to sign a memorandum of understanding with Chief Fasoranti with Governor Mimiko as the enabler. Chief Fasoranti immediately endorsed Jonathan but what he probably did not tell Jonathan is that his group is only a negligible faction of the old Afenifere. The bulk of the Yorubas are supporting Buhari and they intend to give Buhari the edge in much of the Southwest.

The next election is a do-or-die proposition for Jonathan and the PDP because they have never faced a wave election like the one they currently face in Nigeria. They can tell they are going to lose this election if it is free and fair. They are therefore doing everything to compromise the election even before the first vote is cast. They have plans A, B, C, and D. The plan A was abandoned or modified following the release of the audiotape by Captain Sagir Koli to Sahara Reporters of New York. The audio tape recording clearly revealed how the Ekiti gubernatorial election was rigged in favor of Ayo Fayose, one of the most dangerous politicians of Nigeria today who constantly urge President Jonathan to damn the consequence and to use the powers conferred on him as Commander-in-Chief to rig the election.

Ayo Fayose has actually advised Jonathan to order the arrest of Obasanjo, Buhari and individuals like Ahmed Tinubu and other prominent opposition leaders in Nigeria. The same Ayo Fayose and his gang comprising Olusegun  Mimiko, Omisore and Musiliu Obanikoro in collusion with the top brass of the Military and the Police are actively assuring Jonathan that nothing will happen because Nigerians are cowards who will not lift a finger once the streets of Nigeria are flooded with soldiers. They would all run for cover.

The Director of Military Intelligence, General Tsaro Wiwa and Mr. Dasuki are all working together with Jonathan to thwart the verdict of the people because they have the power to use the security forces as they wish. What they all forget is that God is not with them. That is why their plans begin to leak out in ways they themselves cannot explain.

These individuals forget that as they move from their plan A to plan B and to plan C and to plan D that the people are watching them. They forget the proverbial admonition of “Osiun Ado” when he was once advised to stop dangling a dagger in the market place because he might hurt someone in the process. As crazy as “Osiun Ado” was, his only response to the person advising him would surprise all of you.  “Not all predictions or premonitions come through” replied “Osiun Ado” He continued his journey thru the Erekesan market at Ado –Ekiti. By the time “Osiun Ado” emerged from the market, not a single soul in the market was injured. “Won le so pe o ma ri be, ko ma ri be” The election riggers are hoping they could get away with their crimes against humanity, but they may not, if what happened on August 16, 1983 following the Omoboriowo rigging of the Ondo State election is anything to go by.

President Jonathan and his collaborators think and believe that they have a foolproof strategy to win this election by all means. That is why President Jonathan and his collaborators in the Military and the SSS are trying everything including the “Gbagbo” strategy in Ivory Coast as revealed by Olusegun Obasanjo, a master strategist himself who knows everything about how to rig elections in Nigeria without getting caught. The miracle in Nigeria today is the fact that Olusegun Obasanjo is not in the Jonathan camp. Obasanjo is a one man Battalion in Nigerian politics that God has been using to frustrate the rigging plans of President Jonathan and his collaborators.

For once in Nigerian history, Obasanjo is siding with the people of Nigeria to expose a ruthless President and his first lady who are bent on retaining power in Nigeria for another 4 years even if Nigeria breaks up in the process. One can predict that the coming election has the potential to be the bloodiest in Nigerian history if President Jonathan tries to pull a fast one on the people of Nigeria.

That is why President Jonathan has dismissed with the wave of the hand the rigging that took place in broad day light at Ado Ekiti. Musiliu Obanikoro confessed in the audio tape he was the emissary of President Jonathan and that he came to Ado Ekiti not to attend a tea party but to carry out the orders of President Jonathan. He arrogantly told Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh to remember that his next promotion depended on his failure or success in that operation. The rigging took place in August 2014 and the revelation came out in January 2015. Captain Koli has had to run out of the country for his own safety. Brigadier Momoh is still keeping his job in the Military. Ayo Fayose is still keeping his job as Ekiti State Governor. Iyiola Omisore still remains one of the PDP leaders in Nigeria and Musiliu Obanikoro’s nomination as minister is awaiting confirmation by the Nigerian Senate as we speak.

President Jonathan acts with impunity and he believes he can get away with murder as Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic. Man proposes but god disposes. These individuals think they are God. Sooner or later they would realize that “Khaki no be leather” They have murdered sleep and they shall sleep no more because they are fighting a war they cannot win. Nobody fights God and survives to tell the story.

Plan B is to have election postponed for 6 weeks as a first step to cancelling the whole election altogether because there is no way that the Nigerian Military is going to be able to defeat Boko Haram in 6 weeks. Even if they capture or kill Shekau, the Boko Haram leader, that is not going to signify the end of Boko Haram. Osama Bin Laden died more than 3 years ago, but Al Qaeda and their affiliates are spreading all over the world like bush fire in the Harmattan as we speak. It’s all baloney for the Nigerian Military to now believe they can accomplish in 6 weeks what they have not been able to do in 6 years.

The Plan B is to try and capture Shekau alive. Force him to say that his main sponsors are Buhari and Obasanjo and some of the leaders of the opposition APC. With that false confession, Jonathan would use the confession as an excuse to arrest and charge Obasanjo, Buhari and many leaders of the opposition for treason. He would try them in a kangaroo court and put them away so that he and the PDP can have their way in the election. All these plans are easier said than done. Some of the plans will develop K leg along the way and before the perpetrators know what they are doing, they would be surprised they could be the first victims of their own evil designs for Nigeria.

What they forget is that God is not sleeping. He sees all they are doing and will counter and diffuse them in his own way at his own time and space. The opposition too is not burying its head in the sand. They too have informers and individuals like Captain Koli in the rank and file of the PDP who will blow the whistle on them because the time ordained by God for change in Nigeria has come. God is using individuals like Femi Falana, Keyamo and Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Reporters of New York and many more Nigerians all over the world to do his work. The internet and You Tube, Twitters and Facebook have all come in handy to spread the news around the world in a split second at the press of a button.

The whole world has become one global village thru Satellite technology. All these technologies are being used to the advantage of the opposition in Nigeria in a way that renders ineffective the billions of Dollars that President Jonathan is using to suppress and victimize the opposition in Nigeria. The more Jonathan tries to undermine Buhari the more popular the General becomes because his time has come. Individuals like Femi Fani Kayode and Rev Father Ejike Mbaka of the Enugu Parish of the Catholic Church are all being raised up by God to be the mouth organ of Buhari in a way that only God can explain. That President Jonathan would appoint Fani Kayode as the Director of his Campaign tells me loud and clear that God is truly awesome. President Jonathan is fighting a battle he cannot win. There is a big desire and movement for change in Nigeria that nobody can stop now. Jonathan is just in total denial and his collaborators would not let him see the truth for what it is.

President Jonathan has been running round bribing all of our men of God and Chief Imams and all traditional rulers across the country including his nemesis the new Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi.  He recently held a closed door meeting with the Alaafin of Oyo and has met with the  Ooni of Ife. He has met with the Sultan of Sokoto. He should soon be meeting with the Obi of Onitsha, the Obong of Calabar, the Jaja of Opobo and the Amayanabo of Buguma, the Tor Tiv and most of the powerful traditional rulers across the country.

He goes to them to donate money to all of them for their endorsement but Jonathan is going to fail because each of these individuals only has one vote and most of them will not vote for him when they get to that polling booth. Most of them cannot sway any of their subjects to vote for Jonathan. At the end, Jonathan and the PDP are going to lose this election because God has forsaken them. They are just too blind to read the hand writing on the wall.

Jonathan is doing this so he can justify his victory after he wins by subterfuge but things are not going to work out exactly as he has planned them. So I totally agree with Obasanjo when he says that Jonathan would be disgraced out of office and would live the rest of his life in total regret because he is fighting God by hiding behind the so-called men of God who say they are with him because they need his money.

I have a very good idea about their plans C and D but I am keeping it close to my chest right now but I want President Jonathan and the PDP to know that the opposition already know what they are up to and would block them every step of the way. Nothing is hidden under the Sun. The sooner the PDP and Jonathan and their collaborators know that, the better for them. The Igbos and the Yorubas among his supporters have said that Buhari had gone to London for medical check-up because they do not wish him well, but what matters is God’s plan for Buhari. Human beings can say all they want. God has the final say and his conclusion is that Buhari’s time has come and no Jupiter can stop him now.  

The debate currently going on in Nigeria as to whether or not the Military should be involved in supervising the election is a wrong-headed debate. The real debate should be on whether or not the Nigerian Military, the Police and the Department of State Security,  as at present constituted, can be trusted  to be neutral  umpires for this election because Jonathan has politicized all of them.

Their loyalty should be to the State and the People of Nigeria and not to a transient individual who is President today but can be removed tomorrow by the people with their votes in a free and fair election like is done in more civilized countries of the world.

A one party dictatorship, however benevolent cannot be good for Democracy. The PDP has had their chances and they have blown them. Now it is time for Nigeria to try the opposition for a change. If for any reason the opposition fails to deliver, Nigerians should reserve the right to send them parking in 4 years. That is the stand of most Nigerians in the north and the south of the country. That is why Jonathan is going to lose and Buhari is going to win this election.

Buhari has as much support today in the South like he has in the North. That is why Jonathan is scared to death about a Buhari presidency because Buhari is going to open up the skeletons in his cupboard under the rule of law. It is the right thing to do, and that is why Nigerians, me included are rooting for Buhari

I rest my case.