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Why Nigeria Must Not Break But Boil Now By Brandon Landry

February 26, 2015

By postponing the elections, the ruling cabal has effectively aborted Nigeria's pregnancy of change. Any Nigerian that believes free and fair elections will hold is merely indulging in self-delusion, a fabulous pipe dream. The postponed elections is a pernicious deception of the ruling cabal to distract and sedate Nigerians while they re-invent and re jig plans to quash the will of the electorate.

Nigeria, the time to boil is NOW, not later. By postponing the elections, the ruling cabal has effectively aborted Nigeria's pregnancy of change. Nigerians hear me well: FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS WILL NOT HOLD IN 6 WEEKS AS PROMISED. Any Nigerian that believes free and fair elections will hold is merely indulging in self-delusion, a fabulous pipe dream. The postponed elections is a pernicious deception of the ruling cabal to distract and sedate Nigerians while they re-invent and re jig plans to quash the will of the electorate. This is not some speculative rant. This is cold fact. If elections ever hold, it will be a caricature, a compromised, phony and sham arrangement designed by the elite ruling cabal to suit their purpose. The elites will never allow free and fair elections that will end their reign of plunder and expose them to prison terms by an incoming administration.

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Postponing the elections is merely a prelude to a far more sinister and far reaching plot by a corrupt few to hijack and supplant the will of the entire nation for change. So Nigerians gear up for and begin this non violent struggle now. No point in waiting till later. The long suffering long oppressed Nigerian electorate must fight back angrily! This is not a fight to be fought with violence. The murderous elites have calculated their options and are prepared to waste precious Nigerian lives to sustain their grip on the jugular of Nigerians. When AIG Mbu and other military commanders were redeployed recently, it was to pre-position the cabal's security personnel for the unleashing of State instruments of violence on unarmed Nigerian masses. The elites have already calculated and prepared for these unfolding events. SO NIGERIANS MUST STYMIE THEIR PLANS BY FIGHTING THEM WITH UNCONVENTIONAL AND ASYMMETRICAL METHODS. The invisible will of a people cannot be shot dead by physical guns and tanks. But the visible bodies of the people can. Nigerians must outsmart this murderous cabal by not offering their visible bodies to be shot but by displaying their invisible will in a long and determined campaign of slow, protracted and sustained strangulation of the elites by overwhelming massive indefinite sit at home strikes by govt workers, internal insurrection within the security agencies by patriotic soldiers, patriotic policemen and security agents, coordinated massive demonstrations at ALL Nigeria's embassies abroad, unrelenting mass media excoriation and condemnation of the elites and so forth. Nelson Mandela adopted this non violence tactic and eventually succeeded in bringing down an entire evil apartheid regime. Mahatma Ghandi did same in India and broke the back of colonial Britain in India in 1947. If these two individuals could do it, how much more the whole nation of Nigeria!

Nigerians hear this and hear this well: The problem of Nigeria is not ethnic separatism, religious or regional separatism. The problem of Nigeria is CORRUPT ELITES!!! The problem of Nigeria is the problem of class war being waged by corrupt elite class against the Nigerian masses using Boko Haram, ethnic, religious, lying propaganda, blackmail, bribery and violence weapons. The political, economic, religious and military elites in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria are only interested in the perpetuation of the class status quo that enables them oppress and plunder the common man in the North, South, East and West of Nigeria. They are deploying lies, smear campaigns, Boko Haram, regional sentiments and ethnic fears to divide and confuse the masses in order to perpetuate this corruption abetting class structure. Nigerians must not buy into their ethnic hate mongering. Nigerians must resist the temptation to clamor for breaking up Nigeria into splinter units. It is not the panacea. For example, let us look at states creation. State government structures are a microcosm of regionalism. State government structures are regional governments on a smaller scale. States creation represents Nigeria's recurrent attempts at catering to ethnic self determination within the federal complex. But this has not solved Nigeria's problems. Rather it has exacerbated it by creating new classes of plundering, looting oppressive elites in those created states. Same failures obtains in carved out local governments. The institution of the local government is supposed to bring national resources and government even closer to the grassroots to cater to the common man's social development needs. But what has emerged in the Nigerian case is that new elites have merely emerged within all those localized government structures to plunder and oppress the common man even the more. This shows that breaking up Nigeria into South-South, South-East and so forth will not address the fundamental question plaguing the Nigerian entity.

The fundamental problem tormenting the Nigerian nation is the allocation of resources between the competing needs and interests of the elites vis a vis the interests and needs of the masses. The common man wants the wealth of Nigeria to be evenly distributed among all Nigerians. The elites of Nigeria want the wealth of Nigeria to be exclusively shared only among the elites. The solution? Get rid of the corrupt elites. Stamp out corruption and misappropriation of public resources. Then deploy the wealth of Nigeria towards the betterment of the ordinary Nigerian. Nigeria's problem will be solved! Nigerians everywhere in the North, South, East and West are loving, peaceful, hardworking people. Solve their common problems of poverty, unemployment, infrastructure development, power and water supply, good roads, housing, healthcare, security, education and civil rights and there will no longer be need to resort to regional or ethnic agitations.

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The United States govt knows what the corrupt Nigerian ruling elites have been up to all along. That was why President Obama dispatched Secretary Kerry on short notice to Nigeria a few weeks ago to warn against election related fraud and violence. That is why America my Fatherland refused to sell arms to Nigeria my Motherland. The weapons will only be diverted to massacre and suppress the suffering Nigerian masses in the likely event of an uprising. The United States itself is the world's largest and most diverse federal system democracy. Yet the federal structure functions so well it has made the US the world's strongest and wealthiest nation in the world because the tenets of transparency, accountability, rule of law, fairness and equity are rigorously upheld! These tenets are what Nigeria is sorely lacking. Sectarian sentiments arise when corruption, inequality and lopsidedness at the central level characterize the allocation of resources, rights and opportunities among the nation's component units and peoples. Once equity is deployed in solving the common problems common to all Nigerians in all regions, Nigeria's problem is solved. Nigeria will thrive.

Nigeria's collective strength is better than her fractured strength. Call me blindly biased towards a united Nigeria. That's fine and dandy. I have unassailable reasons for my bias. When i first visited the country in 2011, I was captivated and fascinated by its rich panoply of colorful diverse cultures, hospitable, resourceful and resilient people, sophisticated intelligentsia, formidable array of natural resources, highly educated populace and so forth. I saw a formidable giant kept on its knees by a ruling cabal of treacherous traitor elites. So I am unrepentantly adamant and unapologetically dogmatic that Nigeria is better together and stronger together as a unified entity, properly led and dynamically ruled by an altruistic anti-corruption crusader champion of the common man. Not misled and mis-ruled by a clueless, corrupt, treacherous and callous simpleton who does not give a damn about the common Nigerian masses and had the temerity to bluntly tell them so to their faces! What an insult!

Goodluck Jonathan is an insanely evil, deadly and dangerous snake. Nigeria and Nigerians better wake up from their slumber and realize that they are dealing with a wily serpent, treacherous trickster, callous simpleton and a ruthless despot. His true colors are just emerging into public view. Whomsoever takes Goodluck Jonathan at face value does so to their own peril.

Thus this should be the collective posture, attitude and message of ordinary Nigerians to the ruling cabal......"Listen up you parasitic elites, you constitute only 1% of the total population. But you have held us 169 million Nigerians in bondage and squalor for too long. Your time is up. You can no longer succeed in manipulating, confusing and dividing us masses with your lies, divisiveness and distractions of inane, inconsequential and irrelevant issues of paper qualification, religious sentiments and ethnic divisiveness. Be wise while you have the chance to peacefully exit the corridors of power to go enjoy the stupendous wealth you have stolen from us the oppressed common Nigerians. Nigeria and we Nigerians can and will heal from the horrific wounds you have inflicted on us after you exit and a champion of the common Nigerian takes office. He will stamp out corruption. The elections must not be postponed, aborted nor cancelled. The elections must hold and the will of the common Nigerian must prevail. But you elites must exit or be consumed by the wrath of the masses"

A word is enough for the wise.

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