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Bomb Defused In Maiduguri As Four Suicide Bombers Are Killed Before Reaching Their Destinations

Nigerian security averted major tragedy in Maiduguri today as they detected a powerful IED planted near an Internally Displaced Persons camp, security sources told Saharareporters they found and detonated a bomb some few meters from the headquarters of the State Security Services (SSS) in Maiduguri earlier today. The bomb that was hidden in Yerwa neighborhood along Kano road close to a bus station owned by Borno Express was found by eagle-eyed security agents who notified the anti-bomb unit of the Nigerian police in the state.


The bomb that was demobilised around 5PM Nigerian was so powerful that when it was detonated it made such a loud that sent residents in the area into panic mode. There were no injuries reported according to our source.
Another source said Nigerian troops recorded some victories over Boko Haram suicide bombers in Kaga local government area in the sate as they succeeded in tracking down a would-be female suicide bomber in Ngamdu township, the teenage girl reportedly blew herself up before security agents could apprehend her. Fortunately, she was the only casualty in the attack.
Also, three suicide bombers heading to a military check point along Damaturu-Maiduguri Road were killed before they could reach their final destination.
Our security source reiterated that with better military equipments and help from multinational troops, Nigeria has now regained the upper hand in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists.
However, a source in Abuja said the Nigerian government has pissed off its Chadian partners in the fight leading the Chadian government  to withdraw its troops from Nigerian soil, a move he said has slowed down the routing of Boko Haram militants along the borders.

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