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Nigerians and their ability to appreciate nonsense

April 22, 2015

It is up to us to aim higher and better or to thank Jonathan

  With the heat in the polity and fairly erroneous elections over, millions of Nigerians are already jumping and shouting and declaring Mr Jonathan a hero. 

  The question is are we that unlucky even though his name is "Goodluck" or did we just become too patient after we heard the amusing speeches of "mama peace". Well its up to you to decide why, but all I am saying is we are better than this. 

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  There numerous reasons to which i say that rather than being thankful we should look into the future and make sure the new administration and the future coming administrations serve and lead the people rather than rule the people, work in the interest of the masses rather than in the interest of their pockets and the pockets of a selected few. We should make sure we force all new governments to build schools, roads, factories, produce electricity and make sure there is adequate healthcare facilities not for them to make self congratulations or to be praised or expect to be praised but because it is their job, their duty and if they cannot do it they have no business there. We say Democracy is a government of the people and for the people, however today it seems to be a government of special people by specially selected people for the benefit of the specially selected few. Unfortunately today, politician A who happens to do his job correctly is automatically said to be deserving a nobel laureate. In the same vain the poor women who power the Nigerian economy and feed both the rich and the poor alike i.e the potatoe farmers in the village of Bokkos, Ampang, Heipang or the yam producers in zaki biam and jalingo etc, These are the unsung heroes of then Nigerian economy yet because a governor decides to steal 70% of the state budget and build a sub standard hospital with 10% while his aides they pay salaries withe remaining 20% he is celebrated as the best. It came to an extent that our "our favorite illiterate PhD holder" Dr Okupe said "we are nor America hence we have to manage without bullet trains". Note that his boss Jonathan had bought old locomotives meant for museums as his own part in the revolution of the rail transportation sector.

If we are to list all these types of abuses we will end 2015 with our children till going to school without shoes and they will continue “share blood in “bornu””.


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I urge all to stand up tall work hard for a better Nigeria where going back to Otuoke for a former president will not be a nightmare, but rather going to kiri kiri will be if he/she decides to be irresponsible!


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