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VIDEO: Time Is Now Ripe For The Niger Delta Region To Secede From Nigeria-Ann-Kio Briggs

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Time To Secede From Nigeria because Pres. Jonathan Has Been Defeated

An ally of President Goodluck Jonathan, Ann-Kio Briggs took to the podium during a conference of the Lower Niger Congress held at the Atlantic Hall of the Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt  April 27th 2015, to denounce the amalgamation of Nigeria. Ms. Briggs, who appeared pained by the defeat of President Jonathan in the recently concluded elections in Nigeria, called on the people of the Niger Delta region to take advantage of Jonathan's defeat to pull out of Nigeria, a nation she referred to as "unjust" and fake.
Below is a copy of the communique issued at the end of the Port Harcourt meeting: 
In a solemn assembly of the peoples of the lower Niger, held at the Atlantic Hall of the Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, today 27th April, 2015 note and resolved as follows: 

1.    That we the peoples of the Lower Niger region are disenchanted with the constitution of the present day Nigeria and have therefore decided through a soul search to go back to our union as it were in 1885. The Congress, therefore, adopted the map of 1885 by voice vote.

2.    The Assembly mandated the putting together of a chatter defining the relationship between the ethnic blocks within the lower Niger which may be the basis of the federating constitution for the ethnic nationalities of the territory.

3.    The Assembly mandated the conduct of a referendum of the lower Niger as with the case in Scotland. Whether we want to continue living together in the geographic expression called Nigeria.

4.    The assembly called for a referendum for the determination of how we want to relate with one another.

5.    In order to forestall the loss of the properties of the peoples of the lower Niger as was the case in 1970 the Assembly mandated the setting up of an asset protection and guarantee scheme to protect the Assets and Interests of the peoples of the lower Niger
6.    The Assembly mandated the setting up of an all-purpose committee

7.    The Assembly encouraged the convening of the Town Hall Meeting for the greater mobilization and sensitization of our peoples at all levels of the territory. And that all elected officials from the territory be recalled for consultation before returning to Abuja.