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Nigeria Labor Congress Stage Road Walk as Police Prevents From Using The National Stadium In Lagos

The feud among executives and members of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) came to the open today as a group loyal to Comrade Joe Ajaero was prevented from using the National Stadium in Lagos, the venue they had arranged to hold their 'May Day' program.[slideshow]39396[/slideshow]

Several members of labor unions under the NLC who believe Comrade Ajaero is their leader were locked out of premises of the stadium by a detachment of well-armed policemen that claimed they were acting on the instruction of the  Inspector General of Police in Abuja.

The group, which also included a former vice president of the NLC, Comrade Issa Aremu, said they do not believe there is any faction. They insisted that the federal government is deliberately creating a malleable faction from their union in order subsume the interest of Nigerian workers under a weak leadership.

As they were prevented from accessing the Stadium, the group planted themselves in front of it and made their speeches under the bridge facing the stadium. They also did a brief road walk to symbolise the annual workers' march on today's occasion.