The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Thursday passed a vote of confidence on the Rector of the Yaba College of Technology, Mrs. Ladipo Kudirat Margaret, as she began a public relations offensive.

"We have inspected (the campus) and we have come to pass a vote of confidence on the Rector", NANS Vice President on External Affairs, Mr. Tosin Ogunkuade, declared during a hastily-organized press conference put together to ward off media reporting on the decadence of the institution.

"She's doing so much being a woman", he said, as if her gender was not an issue.

Today’s events followed the Rector’s effort on Wednesday to shut the media away from reporting the growing decadence and extortion of students in the college by going to Abuja to seek a court injunction fr.


PHOTONEWS: The Decay At Yaba College Of Technology

The NANS press conference took place at the Students Union building, which was indefinitely suspended by the Management recently.  The conference worked to conceal growing rots, which are readily self-manifesting by appraising other projects recently sponsored by TETFUND.

Ogunkolade mobilized several local media platforms and directed journalists on aspects of the college building he wants them to report, advising them to "go there and take pictures". A source in the college said he and others in NANS had been courted by the management to facilitate "image repairs" for the Rector, while she hunts for those behind exposing the rot.

The NANS VP did not deny that the institution is evidently deteriorating nor did he say the published pictures showing the decadence were false. Instead, he counseled the public to look only on buildings recently sponsored, such as the "TETFUND" which is near the main entrance of the College.

Although the conference was tagged "State of Our Campuses And Education Sector", the briefing did not mention institutions or their conditions.  Curiously, it focused on the Rector of Yaba College of Technology and showered her with praises.

The TETFUND building is among recent controversial projects allegedly used by Mrs. Margaret Ladipo to gain personal wealth.

NANS at today’s press conference conveniently ignored the fact that the institution has banned its Student Union.  It was also interesting that a former President of the college's Students Union popularly known as ‘Salvador’ was among organizers of the conference today. Salvador was reportedly positioned by the College's Management to lead the students, but after his tenure ended, the Union was suspended indefinitely by the Management due to the chaos that marred a subsequent election.

Meanwhile, the Rector is executing a multi-pronged manhunt for whistleblowers, or anyone perceived as trying to expose her corrupt activities or incompetence. SaharaReporters learned that Mrs. Margaret Ladipo has deprived one female student, Ms. Fatimoh Salau, of her mobilization for the National Youth Service over the latter's disclosure that the College's Management was responsible for cult infestation of the College. 

Although Ms. Fatimoh refused to comment on her victimization, sources privy to the activities of the Rector disclosed that she has tamed all students from speaking about the ills of the college through victimization.

It was also learned that the Rector also framed a former student of the College, Mr. Usman Oloyede, for arrest and prosecution due to the perception that he was among critics of her incompetence. The ex-student was later arraigned in court with an allegation of "attempted murder" of the Rector.

It was also learned today that Mrs. Margaret Ladipo has filed a defamation charge against a former Bursar of the College, Mr. Olu Ibirogba at the High Court of Lagos State after he accused her and the Management of financial corruption scandals at the College. 

The Bursar had written about corruption he witnessed as the College's former Bursar. In the suit, Mrs. Margaret Ladipo alleged that Mr. Olu Ibirogba "leaked official secrets" which exposed corruption under the former Management to the public. documents_Yaba-Tech.pdf Yabatech Rector obtained a dubious court order to stop media from reporting the mismanagement at Yabatech

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