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I Never Said President Jonathan Fought Corruption In A Civilized Manner

With respect to President Jonathan I did say that his Administration recovered $970 million from the said Abacha loot and sacked  3 of his ministers. I never said tbat those actions were taken quietly as they were announced and celebrated in the media by the Jonathan Administration.


Consequently,  I questioned the motive of the members of the  National Peace Committee in  calling for "soft landing" for corrupt people. Convinced that the call was a demonstration of class solidarity I urged the Buhari Administration not to be deterred in prosecuting the anti-corruption war. In fact,  I did not hesitate in supporting  President Buhari's anti corruption policy by  citing   section 15 of the Constitution which has imposed a duty on the the Nigerian State to abolish corrupt practices and abuse of power.

In the light of the foregoing, I challenge the reactionary forces that have twisted and manipulated my views to reproduce any statement made by me suggesting that President Jonathan fought corruption in a civilized manner. To expose the mala fide of the satanic forces that are desperate to sustain corruption and impunity in our country readers may wish to check my full interview in and Sunday Punch of August 23. 2015.


Femi Falana SAN.