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Judicial Lynching Of Bloggers By The Rich: Infidelity Of Justice By Azuka Jebose

September 5, 2015

Few hours ago, Nigeria’s most widely read newspaper, THE PUNCH, reported that a Lagos Federal High court Judge ordered one of Nigeria’s popular social media blogger/journalist, Chris Kehinde Nwandu held without bail . The report states: “Justice Mohammed Yunusa of a Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the prison remand of one Chris Nwandu for allegedly aiding a blogger, Seun Oloketuyi, who is facing charges of defamation and cybercrime.” “Oloketuyi was on August 25, 2015 arraigned on two counts for allegedly publishing defamatory story on his blog, , against the Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Bank Plc, Nnamdi Okonkwo.


He was accused of publishing on his blog that Okonkwo had an extramarital affair with one Justina, a married woman working in the Marketing Department of Fidelity Bank. Oloketuyi was alleged to have added in the publication that the affair between Okonkwo and Justina resulted in Justina’s husband, Ben, sending her out.” 

Mr Nwandu is currently in jail on the order of the judge, he has not been tried and or found guilty of any crime. He has been charged with being an accomplice to defamation.The police accused him by alleging he is an accomplice to a published story that brought Mr. Okonkwo to ridicule and disrepute. But has Chris Kehinde Nwandu been tried and found guilty or is Judge Yunusa bowing to loaded trucks of money from the Fidelity Bank Boss?. If there is a libelous intent, let Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo prove this beyond reasonable doubts in the court of law that his character has been defamed by the publication..

Let the court try this case openly rather than submitting its jurisdiction to the "Money Power" of Okonkwo... A trial has not taken place, yet this young appealing popular blogger is being locked up for allegations or charges by the Police prosecutor. This is a vicious attempt by the rich to suppress the journalist, using state apparatus such as the judiciary and the Police to intimidate Mr. Nwandu and perhaps, social media bloggers and reporters. Reporters, bloggers must collectively rise against this new stupid tactics to threaten our rights to free speech. If Mr Okonkwo feels he has been maligned maliciously, he should seek legal remedy the right way and not buy his way through a corrupt, dirty and tainted judicial system. 


Judge Yunusa‘s order to detain Nwandu contradicts the legal position that you are innocent until proven guilty. Let Mr. Nwandu have his day in court, not in prison. Justice delayed is justice denied. Judge Yunusa, Set Chris Kehinde Nwandu Free Now!!!.

Journalism is not a Crime