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Nigerians Blast Saraki For Lying About Prayer Ground Stoning

September 25, 2015

Nigerians have hit back at Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki, for lying that he was not stoned at Thursday’s Eid prayer in Ilorin, Kwara State.


Shortly, after Saraki dismissed reports that he was stoned, video evidences emerged that there was an assault on him and they were published online to counter Saraki’s claim.

In a statement titled: “Senate President not attacked” Saraki noted that there was a protest over non-payment of local government employees but that he was not stoned.

Nigerians have however reacted angrily to what many has described as ‘lies’ by Nigeria’s number three man. They took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their displeasure.

On PM News, Babakay wrote: “Liar, liar”, the beginning of the end,” in a reaction to Saraki’s claims that he was not stoned.

A PM News user who identified himself as Shehu wrote: “This denial is too cheap. The prayer program was brought to an end by the crowd shouting OLE! OLE!! OLE!!! Bukola was actually smuggled out Yidi ground by security men who fired several canisters of teargas to escape the rampaging youth. Bukola is indeed finished.”

ID from UK said: “Another lie again by a very dishonest man!, forgotten that this is 21st century at least the incident is backed up by a live video coverage. The earlier this guy realise that the end is near, the better for him as the hand writing for him to leave is clearly on the wall. He should just accept his faith once and for all and quit politics for good.”

“I agree. Saraki please shut up and stop trying to save face. The video does not lie. SaharaReporters have video of people throwing rocks and water at your car. You will eventually get impeached if you don’t step down soon. it is the end of the road corrupt politician. I guess i shouldn’t say that because according to the law you are innocent until proven guilty which it will be very hard for you to prove innocent in 13 charges. Your case is you were not previously notified before being taken to tribunal. Did you notify the tribunal when you didn’t declare the assets. You have no case. look for another reason or just step down and save yourself the embarrassment,” LO said.