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Court Grants Bail To Nigerian Blogger Arrested Over Facebook Post On Ogun State Governor’s Wife

September 29, 2015

A Nigerian blogger who was arrested by the Nigerian police for making a Facebook post on the wife of the Ogun state governor appeared in court early today at the Isabo Magistrate Court in Abeokuta, Ogun state.


Ojo Emmanuel whose arrest and detention by the police caused an uproar on the internet was brought before a Magistrate judge early this morning accused of criminally libeling the wife of the state governor, conspiracy against the state government and assault on policemen. 

Ojo was arrested on Sunday over a post he made alleging that that the wife of the governor was arrested in the UK for money laundering.

 Police prosecutors claimed that Mr. Ojo resisted arrest and tried to disarm officers sent to apprehend him on Sunday.

During Ojo 's arraignment today the police prosecutor pleaded with the judge to deny him bail claiming strenuously that he was a “dangerous criminal”.  However, the judge denied the prayers of the police stating there was nothing before him to warrant sending the blogger back to prison as his offenses were bailable. He then granted Mr. Ojo bail in the sum of N1million and adjourned the case till October 21st, 2015.

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