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Was God Angry the Day He Created The Nigerian? By Pius Adesanmi

September 30, 2015

Ottawa. Airport. In the lounge.

I make a rich selection from the buffet and settle approvingly on a French wine. It's still three hours to the boarding of that flight to London and on to homeland. 


The plan: enjoy a meal, and settle down to Frenchwining while mentally visualizing the delivery of my speech, "Hating Nigeria to Greatness" at Platform 2015 on Independence Day. Tweak the speech here and there. Envision the cadence of delivery. Envision stage management and body movement with Chris Oyakhilome's stage practice always a guide. You see, prosperity Pentecostal Pastors do have their uses after all. I spend hours watching Chris Oyakhilome's videos to learn from his uses of the stage...

When you have such grandiose pre-flight plans, do not sit in front of a flatscreen in the lounge. Your plans will be ruined.

It's a local TV station. News time. Dominated by the impending Canadian election. Then they mention funeral rights for some people who were killed by a drunk driver. Then the anchor says that the three contenders for the Prime Minister position have been weighing in on the tragic road accident which led to loss of lives.

In Brampton, Ontario, two children and their grandfather were killed this week by a drunk driver.

They show footage of Prime Minister Harper regretting the loss of precious Canadian lives in the said road accident.

They show footage of the other contestants mourning.

Everybody is lamenting the loss of lives on the road and calling for stricter measures against drunk driving.

I marvel at the Canadian culture of life and thank God for the privilege of Canada.

But my evening is ruined all the same. The expensive French wine is now bitter. My food is now cold. It is going to be a long agonizing flight to London.

Why is Nigeria made differently? Why is the Nigerian made differently?

So much value for the life of the citizen here in Canada. Above all differences, these bitter Canadian political rivals are uniting to value the life of the Canadian. 

A drunk driving incident leading to the loss of lives is making national news?

Boko Haram will have to kill at least 100 Nigerian babies to make the news these days.

The drunk driver who killed Canadians on the road will pay. No questions asked.

Make the same guy a Nigerian and try to prosecute him.

Then you hear:
Is he the first Nigerian to drink and drive? How many people did he kill self?
 Yorubas are worse drunk drivers and nothing happens to them
Hausas are worse drunk drivers and nothing happens to them.
 Igbos are worse drunk drivers and nothing happens to them.
Why are you witch hunting him just because he made a mistake of drinking and driving?
Is it because he is a Christian? Is it because he is a Muslim?
Go and hug a transformer if you don't like our culture. Go and die if you don't like our religion.
Even in America and Britain, people sometimes drink and drive.
Besides, this so-called drunk driver that you are witch hunting has contributed IMMENSALY to the development of Nigeria.
You are just a hater for persecuting him.
So I ask my almighty God: who annoyed you the day you created the Nigerian?