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Republicans’ Double Standards Exposed! By Dr. Wumi Akintide

October 20, 2015

Republicans think they are smart in a country where nobody, however brilliant, has a monopoly on wisdom. In America the minute you start plotting against your opponent, your opponent also makes their move on you.

Republicans think they are smart in a country where nobody, however brilliant, has a monopoly on wisdom. In America the minute you start plotting against your opponent, your opponent also makes their move on you.


America is a great country where geniuses are never in short supply, on both sides of the political divide, because Americans thrive on competition. I used to think there would never be another Tim Russert of the “Meet the Press fame until Chuck Todd showed up. I never thought there would never be a replacement for Larry King until Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow stepped up to the plate. I had thought that Mc Laughlin and his group were the best in the business until “Morning Joe” showed up on MSNBC.

Today the Republicans control both Houses in Congress, tomorrow it might be a different story. Nothing is written in stone in America. The most unlikely candidate is currently leading the crowd in the Republican primary based on opinion polls. While many have described Donald Trump as either crazy some disgruntled elements in the Republican base are still rooting for him. Donald Trump, who is using his money to fuel his campaign, has momentarily changed the face of politics in America by saying things that would be considered a heresy a few years ago.

For this reason I am crazy about American politics for that reason because the best is always yet to come in America. It is the candidate who projects such an optimistic future that often comes out a winner. That is why Donald Trump now frequently talks about “making America great again” The 69 year-old Ronald Reagan talked about “morning in America”. He went on to beat the younger Jimmy Carter in 49 out of 50 states in the popular vote and in the Electoral College tally by asking Americans if they felt better then than they did 4 years earlier, they should feel free to vote for his opponent. He won a landslide victory beating an incumbent President in 1981.

The Republicans nation-wide are now beginning to believe that Donald Trump could possibly win the nomination but all that could change in a moment. That is America for you, but as Bill Clinton said Americans always get it right when the chips are down. I believe that too. Republicans are doing everything in their power to smear Hillary because they are too scared of her and her chances in the general election. They fear her and her “Ololu” husband “Egun nla to nkehin igbale” the big masquerade that performs last and takes on the gauntlet to frame up the issues that should determine the outcome of the election like he did for Obama in 2012. I repeat, no world leader alive today understands American politics and world politics better than Bill Clinton.  

8 different Hearings have so far been conducted by the Republican-controlled Congress about who is to blame for the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi and what to do in the future to prevent a reoccurrence. The 8 Hearings have come out empty-handed hitherto because they could not find the smoking gun that directly ties Hillary Clinton to the death of those 4 patriotic Americans. It was the last card the Republicans were hoping to use to deflate the balloon of Hillary but so far their hope has proved elusive. In fact it could come back to haunt the Republicans more than it hurts Hillary.

The jigsaw puzzle to me is the fact that the Republicans have never learned the lesson that you don’t lay your hands on the anointed of the Lord without paying a price. They have hunted the Clintons for nearly 40 years with nothing to show for it. They are at it again and I predict they are going to get the same result again. They are insane because they keep doing the same thing time and again but expecting a different result.

The families of the 4 Americans as confirmed by Elijah Cummings a ranking member of the Inquisition Committee in the Republican-controlled Congress have specifically begged the members not to politicize the death of their loved ones to score a cheap political point against any individual.

George W. Bush deceived America to go into a needless war and he and the Republicans need to accept responsibility and should stop trying to put the blame of the deaths of 4 Americans on Hillary while overlooking the much bigger tragedy that occurred under the watch of a George Bush whose junior brother is hoping to succeed his brother and to repeat the same mistake his brother has made.

Hillary Clinton, the American Secretary of State did not order the declaration of War in Libya or cause led the 4 Americans to their death as insinuated by the Republicans. Their death occurred in the normal course of their duties to an insurrection or mutiny planned in total secrecy by some radical elements in Libya. Not even the Ambassador in charge or any of his senior staff on ground could have envisaged or expected what really happened in Benghazi just like nobody in the Bush Administration could have expected some radical elements of Al Qaeda to hijack a plane and to fly it to hit the Twin Towers in broad daylight killing thousands of Americans.

The only charge that anybody could ever make against Hillary was the fact that the tragedy occurred under her watch, much like 9/11 occurred under the watch of George Bush, as correctly pointed out by Donald Trump. It was clear to all and sundry that the Iraqi war that followed was specifically ordered by George W. Bush. The war was later found to be an unnecessary fought under false pretenses and was not worth the life and blood of any American.

We are talking of trillions of dollars wasted on procurement of weapons from American taxpayers. That was money that could have been spent or invested on building American infrastructures, building schools and rehabilitating thousands of American veterans who were maimed and wounded in that war plus American pensioners who could not get their pensions on time or the American economy which went into a tail spin because of the war.

The Republicans lost the election after George Bush’s second term and Barack Obama, the first black American President was elected to two terms in a landslide victory against John McCain and aMitt Romney. He was elected to clean up the mess which he did in what would go down in history as one of the best Administration in America.

The Republicans have lost two consecutive presidential elections and are doomed to lose the third one unless they could find any scandal to eliminate or disqualify the strongest candidate from the Democratic Party who happens to be Hilary Clinton.

Now the Republicans are leading the effort to hold Hillary accountable for the death of 4 Americans forgetting how they have maintained the silence of a graveyard on the devastating effect of the Iraqi war and what it did to America in comparison to what the death of 4 Americans at Benghazi did. If they are so quick to forgive George Bush and to let his brother run for President 8 years later, they must think American voters are nincompoops who will not remember the salient points I am raising in this write-up.

Republicans are deliberately projecting the likeability and the trust factor of the 72 year old Joe Biden to drag down the poll numbers and deny or rob Hillary of the nomination because they have figured it out that both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden will be far much easier to run against in a general election. For the same reason, they are projecting the brain power of Mr. Carson as a candidate the Republicans would want to elect in 2016. If you ever believe the crap that the Republicans would want another black man in the White House to replace Obama, you just don’t know the Republicans. It is not going to happen.

Republicans are making all those projections just to get rid of their nemesis, the Clintons. Trust me. They knew that if Hillary wins, the Clintons are back in power for another 4 to 8 years which is going to be political suicide for the Republicans. You will be amazed how ferociously they would go after Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden if either of them can be helped to neutralize Hillary from getting the nomination.

They would quickly remind Americans that Bernie is a not just a socialist but a communist and that Joe Biden at 72 is too old to be President and they would go after all the factors that cost the jovial  and likeable Biden to lose the presidency two consecutive times in the past. Republicans are supporting Bernie and Biden in the primary season only to kill or finish both of them in the general election. Democrats and independents would be naïve not to see what the Republicans are up to. These many intrigues are going to blow up in Republican faces. Hillary is going to be the nominee and she would go on to win in 2016. You can write it down.  

If Republicans wish to blame Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi under their watch, it is only fair and perfectly legit to also blame George Bush, Dick Cheney and Condi Rice about the thousands of soldiers or close to 2 million Iraqis who died in the war and for all of the collateral damages America has had to endure. The Iraqi tragedy or conundrum was in fact much worse than the Benghazi tragedy any way you slice it.

The Republicans have again embarked on their wild goose chase of Hillary by wanting to link her E-mail scandal with the Benghazi inquisition.  Yes, Hillary made a mistake which she has acknowledged herself many times but that mistake does not rise to the same level as the one that George Bush has made on Iraq. Hillary’s position was clearly very unique and peculiar because she was a first lady and she is now running for President which is a first in America. Americans must never forget that and if they do, this article would remind them. Republicans cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time because they think they are smart.

Republicans are out to get Hillary by all means because they see her as just too formidable. That was why individuals like Dick Cheney of all people and most Republicans were very vocal in encouraging Joe Biden to enter the race in the hope and expectation that his joining the Race would further imperil Hillary’s chances and to make it that much harder for her to win the democratic nomination.

If Hillary still wins, they want to make sure she becomes the nominee of a badly fractured party by knocking her head against that of Joe Biden and possibly Obama and his supporters so the Republicans can take advantage of the division to enhance the chances of their own candidate in the general election.

The Biden balloon that the Republicans are trying to deploy is not just going to leak when he eventually throws his hat to the ring with Hillary it is going to burst or deflate as Hillary is still going to win the nomination.

The Urhobos of Nigeria with their very graphic language are never in short supply of words and allegories to describe what is currently going on in American politics as each of the two dominant parties weigh their chances in the general election. The Urhobos would have named Hillary, “Oghene Seruwemu” meaning there is no mountain too high that God cannot surmount or climb. There is no obstacle that God cannot conquer. For 40 years the Republicans have been after the Clintons and for 40 years they have failed. The same Urhobos would have called the Republicans the”Edgedafetota” which simply means “let the rich people talk” because to the Republicans having money and plenty of it is everything. It can turn sunlight into utter darkness in a heartbeat.

The Republicans are using the fact that the Supreme Court failed to put a cap on how much they can spend to steal any election in America, they still believe they can win even though they know they are on the wrong side of all the issues that should determine the outcome of the 2016 election if you know what I know and if you are on the same wavelength with me.

I rest my case.