Kano State Police Arrest Drug Traffickers, Parade Them For Media

The Kano State Police Command paraded a group of criminals today, October 26 2015, arrested by officers this month. These suspects have been disturbing the peace of the State for some time, according to police.

Officers are said to have approached a man riding a tricycle along Obasanjo Road with the registration number NSR 512 WZ, who was driving in a suspicious manner. When the suspect sighted the police he immediately abandoned the tricycle and ran away, which drew the attention of the police officers on duty. He was apprehended and when officers inspected his vehicle they discovered 25 parcels of Indian hemp.

On the same day, police arrested a drug trafficker named Deman Ugechukwu, from Delta State, in possession of a 16 inch tire filled with Indian hemp. When confronted by officers he pretended he was traveling to have his car repaired. However, he later confessed that he was hiding drugs in his tire once the officers found the hidden packages.

Rabiu Mohd, Abba Mustafa, Yusuf Jada, and Aminu Ibrahim were also arrested for selling narcotics and fake drugs on October 21 of this month, which included selling fake and expired pharmaceutical drugs to youth and housewives. The police confiscated 32 cartons of different types of intoxicating drugs, 43 packs of penterzocine injections used as an intoxicant, 27 packets of dizapem, 500 of Extol tablets, and 500 tramadol tablets.

Chidozie Igegbuna is Anambra State and was arrested for possession of a substance suspected to be cocaine. In the process of his arrest he injured a policeman.

The Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Magaji Musa Majiya told the media that all investigations were complete and they will be taken to court. He urged Kano State citizens to report any suspicious activity.

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