SaharaReporters obtained video evidence of Guinean President Alpha Condé doling out cash to purchase votes during the West African nation’s 2015 Presidential election.  

The video, which was provided by the human rights organization Shades of Condé, shows President Condé personally distributing cash to voters from a large bag.  At the time the video was filmed the Guinean president was running for reelection.  

At the beginning of the video President Condé arrives with his entourage in a black SUV.  He appears to gesture for the bag of cash to an aide. The president then personally distributes cash to voters, from the bag. Neither the Mr. Condé nor his entourage seem to be aware they are being taped.  

Mr. Condé won the 2015 Guinean President with 58% of the vote, and will serve as the nation’s president for the next five years.

Below you can find the video in its entirety:

Corruption, Cash, Conde and the Guinea Election

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