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Time For Ex-Danfo Driver, Ekitigate Star And Lunatic Governor Ayodele Fayose To Stand Trial By Bayo Oluwasanmi

November 30, 2015

The tilting of the electoral playing field in Ekiti State that brought Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the ex-danfo driver, the star of Ekitigate, and the lunatic Governor of Ekiti State to power was the result of a sophisticated election rigging coordinated by President Goodluck Jonathan and other big wigs of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).

Election rigging has been an accepted practice in the voting process in Nigeria and does not change the status of the winner unless they can be seen as proven guilty in courts of law. Usually, a lengthy process that allows the rigger to legitimize the vote result as long as they hold the office.


Many of the tools of rigging are easily used by groups in power during the election period to influence vote outcome. Of course, rigging can be used by groups out of power too. But the opportunities and resources to rig or manipulate are much greater for those in power which can control paramilitary, military, legal, and bureaucratic resources including the infrastructure of election process itself. It's been proven that using as many techniques as possible increases chances of a successful rigging of a vote and even manipulating election results.

The tilting of the electoral playing field in Ekiti State that brought Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the ex-danfo driver, the star of Ekitigate, and the lunatic Governor of Ekiti State to power was the result of a sophisticated  election rigging coordinated by President Goodluck Jonathan and other big wigs of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).

While Ekiti State was getting ready for the elections, Fayose and his PDP gang were setting the stage for the chaos that has consumed Ekiti State. Fayose and his cohorts in a windowless office worked their mischief. Those present in the room were: Governor Ayo Fayose, Senator Iyiola Omisore, Minister of Police Affairs Jelili Adesiyan, Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, ex-Minister of State for Defense, Captain Sagir Koli, and Honorable AbdulKareem, National Assembly.

During the meting, strategies and plans were tactically mapped out. Voters would be intimidated. Electoral fraud would be perfected. Here is the detailed rigging plan as reported by Premium Times:

(1) The use of the Nigerian military by the PDP to assist in electoral manipulation. (2) The creation of a list of APC members to arrest. (3) The use of stickers to be used to identify persons not to be harassed and detained by the army. (4) Deployment of “Special Team” including a “Special Force.” (5) The Minister of State for Defense bribing military personnel with the offer of promotion if he carries out the “strategy.” (6) A gubernatorial candidate admitting to electoral fraud by copying material provided by the INEC. (7) The reprimanding of military personnel for mistakenly detaining PDP members engaged in electoral fraud. (8) The minister explicitly states he was instructed by the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria to execute this plan. (9) The candidate Fayose explicitly state he was given assurances by the Chief of Army Staff to execute this plan.

The excited and intoxicated PDP hatchet men made no effort to conceal their machinations. The indisputable evidence – the Ekitigate video – is a testament to the saying that “what people uncover, God will cover, what people cover, God will uncover.” Hear Fayose as recorded in the video by Koli in the electoral fraud war room: “We agreed in Abuja on the modalities to work, we agreed on a sticker, that any vehicle you see that sticker, you allow the sticker. That sticker is on those vehicles, his own was sent to him, mine was sent to me to give to them. There is no vehicle that left this place without that sticker.”

“Today, they went to “efon” they carry all the …,” continues Fayose, “When we are supposing to be collating the thing INEC gave to us, soft copies we now printed and everything, because they see INEC thing on top of it...” “Chief of Army Staff called me,” Fayose continues, “he told me, you are in safe hands, he (Gen. Momoh) would perform and if you have any issues, call me. He told me that I have made it clear to him that I am Jonathan for this election. We have to call the president and let him know. This people are doing somethings they would not even serve police that wants to help us, we can't continue like this. (general cuts in “are you working with a different police?”).

Fayose has waged an unrelenting campaign to exploit every weakness and anachronism in our judicial system. In his attempt to escape being impeached, Fayose assembled Okada (bike) riders and members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) to cause mayhem and pandemonium in the state. He embarked on barricading roads leading to the state capital, Ado-Ekiti with buses, logs of woods, and bonfires. He chased out the 19 All Progressives Congress (APC) legislators out of state and locked the State House of Assembly thereby precluded the APC legislators from doing their job. Fayose slapped Justice John Adeyeye of High Court 3 in Ado-Ekiti, and ordered his thugs to beat the judge up. Twenty thugs pounced on Justice Adeyeye, beat him up and tore his clothes.

The PDP led by Mr. Jonathan used powers and resources of the presidency to inject rigging and instill fear in Ekiti people and through the ranks of Ekiti State bureaucracy. With soldiers and police in place, and their coffers filling up, the PDP systematically disenfranchised Ekiti voters.

APC members were subject to intimidation, arrest, and other forms of persecution throughout the election process in the state. APC offices were raided. Many prominent APC party leaders, civil society leaders and human rights defenders were arrested on spurious charges.

The Ekitigate video has added irrefutable, hard evidence of fraud. In addition, through voter suppression and legislative tricks, PDP and Fayose managed to rig the Ekiti State elections.

Fayose, a politician with almost zero national profile has now declared himself unofficial spokesman of the PDP. Stinging from the loss of the Presidency, Fayose is more than eager to lead the PDP scalawags into a new confrontation with President Muhammadu Buhari. Fayose has drawn a dangerous lesson from the previous Ekitigate: Brinkmanship works.

Of all the PDP disabled remnants, Fayose is the most sadistic, confrontational, antagonistic, and hell-bent on attacking the person and administration of President Buhari with senseless and baseless false accusations. Fayose's strategy is clear: he's using psychological war fare to intimidate and preempt Buhari's administration from legally pursuing him for his star role in Ekitigate. But, it won't fly.

His madness has also ratcheted up the danger of catastrophic vomit from his diarrhea mouth. “President Buhari seized late Chief Obafemi Awolowo's international passport,” claims Fayose, “and prevented him from traveling abroad for medicare in 1985, thereby leading to his (Awolowo) untimely death in 1987.”

More than a year ago after he stole his reelection after being impeached, it is safe to say that Fayose has gotten away with the crime. Fayose got to power and remained in power by pursuing a campaign of  violence and vengeance against his political opponents.

A tiny yeast affects an entire loaf of bread. In the same way, a little sin can spread and ruin a person. Fayose, little by little is being destroyed by his stubborn pride. The life of Fayose illustrates the ancient truth in the Book of Proverbs: “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.”  Fayose celebrates frolics and nonsensical babbling. His foolishness and heretical behavior makes people laugh.

Fayose is a riddle wrapped up in mystery inside an enigma. It has well been said that “the greatest ability is dependability.” Fayose is unpredictable and undependable because he's double-minded, and a “double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

Fayose looks bold in physique but weak in morals. Empowered by his position, but yields his body to the appetites of the flesh. He claimed he was called to serve Ekiti people, but turned number one enemy of his own people. He fights the people everyday. He offers scavenger animals as dinner for Ekiti people, and his  leprous attitude is a blemish on the state known as the land of honor and the fountain of knowledge. He disobeys the laws of the state and of the land with impunity. He disobeys the moral tenets and thrives in filthy lies. He ends up in darkness blinded by pride, greed, and hypocrisy.

He has lost control of his tongue. He constructed lies and riddles out of the experience of his sins. He doesn't take seriously the fact that he has violated the cardinal laws of nature. It's bad enough to disobey the natural laws, but when he makes a joke out of it, he sinks to new depths of spiritual madness.

It is reassuring that President Buhari has set up a military inquiry into the Ekitigate election scam. The inquiry will be incomplete without the prosecution of the civilians involved viz: Fayose, Obanikoro, Omisore, and. Adesiyan. They must all be brought to justice without further delay.

Laws and restrictions bring out the absolute worst in people. Rules are meant to be obeyed. Fayose broke all the rules and all the protocols. His thuggery and hooliganism know no bounds. He's rough, uncouth, uncivilized, barbaric, indecent, uncultured, loquacious, morally filthy, unrepentant, and inhuman. It's time for Fayose to offer Guilt offering. Guilt offering is required for sins for which restitution of some kind needed to be made. Fayose must stand trial.

For now, Fayose is holding back the tide. But sooner than later, he's going to get swamped.


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