SaharaTV interviewed two homosexual Nigerians about their lives in Nigeria, a country which openly discriminates against homosexuals. The two men interviewed have their voices modified and faces blurred to protect their identities.

Throughout the interview both men explained the everyday discrimination and ostracism they face living in Nigeria with their sexual orientation. One man said that, “the society is not very accepting, but we are beginning to see changes.”

Both men also addressed the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act (SSMPA), which Nigeria passed in 2014 amid condemnation from international human rights groups and gay rights organizations. One man said that before SSMPA “most people did not believe homosexuals exist in Nigeria” and “the SSMPA act has shined a light to homosexuality and people are becoming aware we are part of this society.”

One man said that the public treatment of the gay community is so severe that many homosexuals refuse to tell anyone, even their family members. He said, “we want our human rights. We want to be free. We want to be able to express ourselves.”

Watch the full interviews of both men in the SaharaTV video below:

What It Means To Be Gay In Nigeria

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