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Fayose The Prophet Predicts Own Doom By Bayo Oluwasanmi

December 21, 2015

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State maintains his false sense of security and invincibility with delusions of grandeur. He avoids looking scared when in fact he's in panic overdrive. He embalms his face with cosmetic joy when he's bleeding from inside. He disregards bad news. Dodges the reality.


But lately, joy has been hard to find for the ex-danfo driver and star of Ekitigate. He's been hounded for his past and for sure his sins would find him out. He hates to embrace humiliations of his ruthless ambition, recklessness, crudeness, and oasis of lies and other despicable atrocities that have become Fayose. It's no surprise that his ardent loyalists have all deserted him. “Let the fool hang himself,” they seem to be saying.

Reputed for shaking things up and accomplishing nothing, a man of architectural character oddity, with his barbaric looney tunes coming out of his unguarded outburst from his stinking mouth are his rage these days. Two Sundays ago or so, Fayose called a press conference in Lagos to announce to the world his impending doom in a prophetic declaration. He said the Federal Government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari was plotting to reverse his election victory at the Supreme Court using phantom military report based on the military inquiry of Ekitigate. He said he was aware that the Buhari administration was after him.

He warned that any attempt by the Buhari administration to remove him from office would be resisted by Ekiti people. In a panic overdrive, Fayose said: “The military panel over last year governorship election in Ekiti State is hatchet job. They have a target, but we are waiting for them. They are after me but I'm prepared for them. I am the governor of Ekiti State, I have history, I have record. Any attempt to invade my state will meet our resistance.”

“The day Buhari singles me out,” boasts Fayose, “his government will crumble. They have attempted to impeach me, they didn't succeed, they disturbed my swearing-in ceremony and they failed. They now set up a military panel to upturn what the Supreme Court had decided in my favour. We are waiting for them. Any attempt to rob the people of Ekiti State of their mandate will lead to chain of events, the end of which no one could accurately predict.”

He described President Buhari's war on corruption as a vengeance. “After flagrantly disobeying court orders,”says Fayose, “whatever that is done or said by the Buhari-led government concerning Sambo Dasuki will appear vindictive...”

How can any inquiry about Ekitigate excludes Fayose the star of the famous election rigging video? How can Fayose deny his star role in the biggest election fraud and cover up? Why is Fayose foaming on both sides of his mouth with epilepsy of lies about Buhari's administration? Who is out to get him? Buhari or Ekitigate?

Fayose no doubt, he's feeling the weight of his guilt. He's carrying a heavy load of guilt and he's been weighed down by guilt. Guilty conscience is causing him nightmare. Fayose is like a bank robber whose guilty conscience stopped him from making a quick getaway after a successful bank robbery operation but instead waits for the police to arrive and arrest him.

Fayose had substituted anger for his guilt in Ekitigate and cannot own up to what he did in rigging himself into office. He's using anger to chastise President Buhari and tries to preempt the looming sword of Damocles on his head. He's using anger to look good to protect his tattered fragile remnants of self-esteem. This is the basis of his macho behavior, bullying, and aggression.

Denial, aggression, projection, and blaming President Buhari are Fayose's defense mechanisms which help him to avoid feeling guilt and shame. Using projection, Fayose blames President Buhari and APC instead of looking at his own part of the problem. As the saying goes, what you resist persist. What Fayose is resisting – arrest, prosecution and punishment – would persist and eventually take place.

Fayose has become the ultimate traitor to both God and the state. He constitutes a counter-kingdom of perversion and disorder. He has become a personification of all forms of deviance and revolt. He demonizes opponents as a tool to promote his political agenda and propaganda in order to remain in office. He operates on behalf of the devil's agency.

The irrefutable fulfillment of Fayose's prophecy of his own doom does not cause Fayose to rethink and reconsider his raw nerve, abrasive, and egotistically driven behavior. Rather, Fayose serves up  juicy pieces of brisket of pre-emptive nonsensical gibberish of how President Buhari and APC plan to remove him as governor, the gubernatorial office he won through Ekitigate.

History in the strict sense of the word is personal. The annals of centuries gone by are nothing more than individual days sewn together by those who keep the records using their own needle and thread. Fayose is writing his own history with his own needle and thread. When the history of democracy in my beloved Ekiti State is finally written, we'll have to sift through the charred rubble of our wrecked civilization etch with sticks into the barren dust brought about by ex-danfo driver, Ayodele Fayose.

Meanwhile, Fayose's prophecy to meet with his nemesis – the Ekitigate – is lurking in the shadows. There is no escape route. Tic... Tac... Toc...  Fayose, they're coming for you!

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