The Nigeria Police Force recently refuted a radio station report alleging lopsidedness in recent promotions and posting of senior officers, pointing out that such promotions are undertaken by the Police Service Commission (PSC), not by the Office of the Inspector General (IGP).

Public Relations Officer Olabisi Kolawale

A statement signed by Force Public Relations Officer Olabisi Kolawale noted that the report had also accused the IGP of giving preferential treatment to officers from a particular part of the country.  

He warned that allegations of irregularities in the posting of police officers are unfounded because postings to offices are informed by the capability and competence of the personnel.  The spokesman stressed that the IGP views the allegations not only as malicious but also as capable of creating disaffection among officers.

“The police authorities wish to categorically state that, there is no iota of truth in the report as,” he said.   “In addition, postings of Assistant Inspectors-General of Police to Zonal Commands and Commissioners of Police to State Commands are made by the same body that is saddled with the oversight functions on the Nigeria Police Force based on recommendation of the IGP, who knows the operational competence and chemistry of the officers.”

He further stated that promotion in the force is primarily based on availability of vacancies, seniority and merit, and that all promotions are subject to satisfying minimum requirements set by PSC and availability of vacancies.

The spokesman provided recent promotions released by the PSC, as follows, to buttress his point:

CP to AIG = 1 (N/Central)

DCP to CP = 5 (N/East 2; N/West 2; S/West 1)

Acting DCP to DCP = 2 (N/East 2)

Acting ACP to ACP = 4 (N/West 1; N/Central 1; S/West 1; S/East1 )

CSP to ACP = 20 (N/Central 6; N/West 5; N/East 2; Rivers 1; S/East 4; S/South 1; S/West1)

With reference to postings, he provided the following information about 59 PMF Squadron Commanders nationwide: N/East 8; N/Central 8; N/West 14; S/South 11; S/West 11; and S/East 7.

Similarly, concerning the IGP Secretariat, ACP Kolawale gave the following statistics of recent postings of 10 Senior Police Officers: N/Central 5; N/East 3; S/West 1; and S/East1.

“In view of the current security challenges facing the country, the IGP called on all good people of Nigeria to disregard any report capable of causing distraction especially now that all efforts should be galvanized towards national security in the New Year,” the statement said.  

It specifically urged journalists to uphold the ethical standards of their noble profession and charged them to verify their facts before going to press or on air.

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