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What Intrigues And Scares Me About American Politics By Dr. Wumi Akintide

January 19, 2016

American Politics is, by and large, a very tough act to follow, if you have seen what I have.

American Politics is, by and large, a very tough act to follow, if you have seen what I have.


I have studied American Politics and politicians during my 30-year sojourn in New York as an independent-leaning Democrat who once crossed party lines to vote for Ronald Reagan because he was such a great communicator.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool-Democrat who sees quite a few things that are good in the Republican Party. I am neither shy nor afraid to acknowledge it, or to applaud their members for it. I realize that the Republicans do have some positive side and they are as patriotic as many in the Democratic Party but a good number of them are crazy as hell and hypocritical on their views of the first black President. They want the best for America just like Democrats but it is either their way of the highway. If you don’t believe me, just think about the caliber of individual Republicans who have been elected President from the Republican side, and who have gone ahead to make a huge difference to the greatness of America.

I am talking of great Presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan to mention a few. Every time I visit the South I see some of the good works done by Republican states, Republican Governors, and Mayors in great cities like Houston Texas, Cleveland Ohio, Phoenix in Oklahoma to mention a few. I see no difference in the beauty of their cities compared to cities governed by the Democrats in the Northeast part of the country where I live. The level of sophistication and development of those cities are so identical that you would sometimes wonder about why the two Parties are always at odds.

My point is that the two major political Parties have been a great blessing to America without any question. Human beings, and more so Americans, are just too difficult to please. It seems like they are never satisfied with what they have. The Republicans or most of them just cannot see anything good in Obama. If any white President has done half the things the young man has accomplished in 8 years, they would be singing his praises to the high Heavens. He has just scored another home run with the Iran Deal. Rather than give him credit for it, some of them like silly Donald Trump are trying to rubbish the President. I hate that and so should many of you reading this.   

American politics is very sophisticated, delicate, and fragile. I listened every day to political talk shows on MSNBC, CNN, and even on Fox News. I watch those channels every day to get the balanced view I need to form the kind of opinion I am expressing in this write-up because neither of the two Parties has a monopoly of wisdom and neither of them is perfect or without any blemish.

Even after insinuating myself into American culture, the country still remains a jigsaw puzzle for me in so many ways.

Can you ever imagine Nigeria as a leading country in Africa in the era of Murtala Mohammed and Olusegun Obasanjo looking Moammar Ghadafi straight in the face and telling him he must never make Libya a major player and power-broker in his own region in the Middle East or among the Arab countries of that region? Such an attempt by Nigeria would have been considered a heresy if not total insanity!

How can one sovereign state dictate to another sovereign State it must always dance to his tune and forget its own domestic politics and what is best for its own people? How could such a country urge another country to put her own interest and progress on hold just for the benefit of another country?

Well, that is what America wants to do to the rest of the world beginning with the 5 members of the UN Security Council and less powerful countries like Iran, Iraq or Syria, North Korea, or any other country in the whole Universe. America wants to dictate to other countries how they must behave and do but she resents other nations trying to micromanage her.

The Democrats want to put a human face to the domination of the world by America by using Diplomacy and common sense approach which recognizes that other countries have their own interest and priorities which may be totally different from those of America. They totally forget the Iran and Iraq are the relics of old Persian Empire with a lot of history and national pride behind them. American wants to sign a deal with Iran where I ran will not see or ask what is in it for them. America is forcing Iran to put on hold their nuclear ambition in a region dominated by the tiny state of Israel with as many as a thousand nuclear bombs.

They are complaining that Iran should never have arrested an American boat that strayed into their territorial waters. How naïve and silly can America get by expecting Iran to do nothing about such a breach of security on their ocean corridor? It makes no sense. Iran did the right thing to those sailors and they demonstrated appeasement and cooperation by releasing them within 24 hours without any bloodshed. The Deal with the Iranians has started to yield positive dividends and Obama was right and deserves great credit for the development

Obama and the Democrats want to leave a wiggle room to meet other countries half way if America is to succeed in her ultimate ambition to dominate the world. The Republicans, on the other hand, want America to bully into submission the rest of the world including Russia and China and the European Union and other nuclear power countries like India and Pakistan.

Republicans led by foolish individuals like Donald Trump forget that the whole world has drastically changed and that the way out for America is to use subtle Diplomacy and Collaboration with the rest of the world if America is to continue to lead the World. America can no longer continue to lead the world just because she has acquired the most deadly weapons the world has known. America has to lead the world with her moral values and compassion as God’s own country.

Presidents FDR and Harry Truman understood that basic principle and so did Republican Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan who called the old Soviet Union the Evil Empire but knew enough to make peace with Russia without firing a single shot. The only game in town is diplomacy and not brutal force or coercion as being suggested by the three front runners in the Republican Party. All the tough talk by Donald Trump is bullshit.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio want to lead an America that carpet-bombs other nations that dare to challenge American power. Donald Trump says he is going to make the American military so formidable that no country in the world would ever dare challenge her. That was exactly what the young boy with the bad haircut in North Korea wants to do, and has been doing with impunity to deter any foreign aggression including the one from any trigger-happy Donald Trump if by any accident he ever becomes President.

Trumps thinks that governing a country is all about negotiation and talking down on other countries. He would want to make the World believe he is Albert Einstein and Socrates combined and therefore, the smartest man that ever lived. If any of you ever believe that thrash, you will believe anything. The man I full of it  to believe he can fool the whole world. If he is that bright and smart why did he not make it to MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Stamford and Oxford or Cambridge? Why did he end up going to the Watson School of Business?

I am saying emphatically that there is no way in the world that America alone can take on North Korea and not suffer a serious backlash that would ultimately lead to the downfall of any American President who led America to such a senseless war with North Korea?

The North Korean leader knows what I am saying for a fact and that is why he is not at all intimidated by America. If America attacks North Korea, he will immediately pounce on South Korea the ally of America and all the American troops stationed in the Pacific region. America loves war but she does not want to see soldiers die in great numbers. If you kill 200,000 North Korean or Chinese soldiers, the North Korean and Chinese authorities would not shed any tears. In America, such a tragedy would cause the downfall of any President. Those who criticize Obama must understand that prism. I take off my hat for Barack Hussein Obama and so should all Americans.

Those troops may, in fact, destroy and defeat North Korea but North Korea in losing to America would have done enough damage or havoc that America cannot ignore or hide from his own people. If North Korea’s back is turned against the wall, the little man would not hesitate to use his nuclear bomb and his new Hydrogen Bomb to fight back rather than surrender. America knows that for a fact and would think twice before challenging North Korea to an all-out war. Period.

It is a war that America would be insane to fight alone without building world consensus against North Korea and Iran and ultimately Syria like Barack Obama the first black President has successfully done. I laugh when I hear the Republicans and Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan the new Speaker of the US Congress cast aspersions on Obama by describing him as weak and incompetent President. I say “foul over the bar”. The man is another “Lion of Judah” if I can borrow that cliché.

Obama has become one of the strongest and the greatest Presidents of this Century by using Diplomacy instead of going to war. He did it in Iraq. He did it in Afghanistan. He is doing it to disarm Iran and to put their nuclear ambition on hold for 25 years. He is doing it to eventually defeat ISIS and to ultimately get Assad out of Syria without dragging the whole world into another major war.

Obama who is underrated and looked down upon by the Republicans has proved himself to be the Osagyefo among all of his peers in the world. He has done it in a way that made him so credible when he called the bluff of the Republicans with his last State of the Union Address when he told the whole world that America remains as strong as ever. “Not even close” he repeated three times to assure the whole world that America has never been stronger, and he was absolutely right. America in collaboration with the rest of the world can never be beaten or defeated by any other country in the world. That is the plain truth that nobody can deny.

The United States would be taking a big risk and committing a horrendous mistake not to listen to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who are telling Americans and the rest of the world that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are nothing but paper tigers and bedroom lions who would lead America into a quagmire if elected.

The only Republican who believes in diplomacy is Jeb Bush who is scoring so low in the polls that he himself now realizes like the rest of us that he could never come from behind to become the nominee. A Donald Trump presidency is going to lead America to a journey of no return. Donald Trump argues that America has to be unpredictable. America has to do what the rest of the world does not expect. You would think that should be music to the ears of the rest of the world. You would have to be insane to believe that. Donald Trump will not only defeat Iran, he is also going to take their oil and Iran will just fold her arms and not fight back. If you put a guy like Donald Trump in charge forget it.

Yes I would be the first to admit that Donald Trump is formidable for the wrong reasons because he would say anything and tell any lie to win, but he is going to self-destruct in the process and he would take the whole Party and country to hell with him because Hillary is not going to be easy to blackmail and intimidate like Donald Trump is hoping to do. Forget about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The notion that two children of Cuban exiles or immigrants would be elected Presidents of the United States in 2016 is nothing but a dog dream. It is not going to happen. There would have to be a Hispanic Vice President in America who may eventually run for President and win. The pathway to that premonition and prospect can only be found in the Democratic Party which has always been the natural ally of the Hispanics and the minorities in America.

Something tells me loud and clear that Hillary is going to nominate a Hispanic as her running mate and they will both go on to win a great victory in November. The name of that VP nominee is a Castro. I would not know if he is in any way related by blood to the only Castro the whole world has come to know.

The other point I want to briefly touch upon before I end this piece is how American candidates from both sides of the divide conduct themselves in political debates across the country. Many of them would say in a debate what all of them can never say under oath because they all tell bogus lies against themselves even when they know the fact-checkers are always around to expose them sooner or later.

The “Victor Ludorum” for those lies in this election circle is nobody but Donald Trump who has gotten away with murder, so to speak, as the Media have allowed him to get away with many of his atrocious and pathological lies. Those who say that Hillary’s deficit is the fact that she cannot be trusted are being very unfair to put that label on Hillary more than they do to all the candidates running against her. All politicians including Donald Trump lie and cheat.

Bernie Sanders lie and flip-flop if it serves his whim and caprices like he has done on few issues. The old socialist is being clever by half by waiting to the last minute to quickly change his views on Gun Control. He did it because he now knows he is on the wrong side of that issue. By the same token, Hillary could never say that she did not receive some speaking fees from her Wall Street friends. She sure did, but Sanders would do the same if he finds himself in the shoes of a Hillary. They all do it. Trust me. You can be an American President and not be in the good book of Wall Street. It is that simple and it is not Rocket Science.

Wall Street is the foundation pillar of the capitalist empire that America has become. Any American President including Donald Trump who discount Goldman Sachs and those Wall Street juggernauts would be cutting his nose to spite his face. Donald himself is part and parcel of the Wall Street family and a most vicious one at that. Trump would sell you a dead cockroach and make you believe you hit a jackpot.

That was how the arrogant man has made his money. If Donald Trump manages the whole country the same way he has managed the Trump Real Estate Empire, we all have a serious reason to be concerned about his presidency.

A man who has filed Bankruptcy so many times is now telling the world he wants to run for President of the greatest country on Earth. Donald Trump is running for President to take undue advantage of the high office of the President and to lead America into a third world war in a heartbeat. If that is not a scary proposition for America and the whole world, I don’t know what else to call it.

He has said he is going climb down hard on African immigrants but more so on Nigerian immigrants in particular if he ever becomes President. I have news for him.

“Amin Kun Faya Kun”

I rest my case.