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Trump Is Not Lincoln And Bernie Sanders Is Not FDR By Dr. Wumi Akintide

January 28, 2016

Without any question in my mind, I want to say it loud and clear that Abraham Lincoln, a Republican and Franklin Delano Roosevelt a Democrat are two of the greatest American Presidents in my book. They were both elected on the platform of the 8th wonder of the world, the great American Constitution which has remained the Supreme Law of the Land and arguably the greatest Constitution the world has known.

Without any question in my mind, I want to say it loud and clear that Abraham Lincoln, a Republican and Franklin Delano Roosevelt a Democrat are two of the greatest American Presidents in my book. They were both elected on the platform of the 8th wonder of the world, the great American Constitution which has remained the Supreme Law of the Land and arguably the greatest Constitution the world has known.


I can tell you that neither of the two giants could have been elected in today’s America because America has lost its “mojo”, her sense of direction and decency and her status as a moral role model to other nations. I make that judgment as a historian and in recognition of what is happening in America as we speak.

I am simply amazed that two of the frontrunners for the American presidential primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire on both sides of the aisle are Donald Trump and old man Bernie Sanders who could not even untie the latchets of the shoes of President Lincoln or Roosevelt.

I agree you could compare Bernie Sanders a little bit to FDR, but to equate a Donald Trump with Abraham Lincoln in any shape or form would be a huge error of judgment.

I aim to make the case that Donald Trump can never be an Abraham Lincoln and that Bernie Sanders remains a far cry to FDR, all things considered.

Abraham Lincoln had such a large heart that his conscience revolted against slavery in America. 

In his serial debates with Fredrick Douglas, who opposed everything he stood for, he stood his ground and he had the courage of his conviction to argue for the full emancipation of the slaves.

He was steadfast and persistent and his perseverance won the day for Humanity. He successfully signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law before his assassination by forces opposed to his leadership of the country.

That was in 1865. Today his majestic statue in Washington DC makes him the proverbial Chairman of the Board among America's greatest Presidents.

It is amazing that a charlatan like Donald Trump is hoping to become the landlord of the White House and the man who sleeps in the Lincoln bedroom. 


I say “Foul over the bar”. It is not going to happen, and if it does, it is going to be a huge error of judgment.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders winning in Iowa and possibly in New Hampshire, two rural communities that flag off the presidential race in America may be good for their campaigns.  But it is only the first 100 meters of the New York Marathon of 26 miles.

Abraham Lincoln is adored today as a man of principle and his shining example has fired the imagination of future Presidents from both sides of the aisle.

When Abe Lincoln debated Fredrick Douglas you did not hear him leave substance to start pursuing shadow by being clever like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump takes over every debate, and he becomes the judge and the accused telling the moderators how to do their job and his fellow debaters how well they are performing. 

He calls them low energy, stupid, and terrible and he tells them to their face, they do not deserve to stand on the same podium with him because he is far smarter than all of them.

He became so emboldened at one point that he told his crowd of supporters that he could shoot and kill a man on 5th Avenue, New York, and get away scot free because the whole world loves him.

I would be the first to admit that Donald Trump is a smart dude who could sell you a dead cockroach and will make you believe you have won a jackpot. My surprise is that he has so far been able to get away with murder, so to speak. In the land of the brave.

Ted Cruz, his closest rival, is a product of Harvard who ought to have been able to neutralize him but he has so far allowed Donald Trump to be the one to define him. 

I went back to check out the Watson School of Business that he attended and I found that the school is still nothing to compare with Harvard or Yale.

Donald Trump is tapping into something in this election cycle that I have yet to discern. 

Some have said it is Republican frustration with Barack Obama who has floored them into consecutive elections.  And who would floor them again when Hillary Clinton is sworn in on January 2016 as the first female President of the United States.

It is as if Donald Trumped has hypnotized America and has done so free of charge. 

The way things are going, I cannot see anyone from both Parties who can successfully debate Donald Trump who continues to dominate the news whether he shows up or not.

He has totally demystified the Republican best candidate that has the best chance. I am talking about Jeb Bush, a successful Governor of Florida and a policy wonk who is in a position to give the Republican a fighting chance to come anywhere near to winning in 2016.

Donald Trump is testing on Ted Cruz the same formula he is planning to use to silence and intimidate Hillary by attacking her greatest weapon, her husband.

No American politician knows how to fight and beat the Republicans in their game better than the magic couple.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the media has so far refused to call the bluff of Donald Trump, a pathological liar. He is even now bold enough to start saying he would not show up for a debate if Kelly Megan is one of the moderators.

Donald Trump is scared to death of Kelly Megan because that woman is a tigress that can easily finish Donald Trump or reduce him to a paper tiger.

That said, let me now return to Bernie Sanders and why I think he too is anything but FDR. I listen to him at the last debate when he told Americans he was going to raise their taxes but he did not say by how much?

I can tell by how much because I have factored in the enormity of what Bernie is promising to do if elected. He is going to make education free for all Americans from primary school to University level and he is going to give free medical coverage to all Americans and free all American students from all of their students Loans.

He is going to make the Wall Street and the filthy-rich Americans in the number one capitalist country in the world pay higher taxes. 


Those rich men and women are only 1 percent of the total population of America or less.

I say to his good luck but the man reminds me of Kunle Orlando Owoh the son of the Cannery King  who sang in one of his fine albums about “Awon Olorin Eyin to fe fori so Apata” meaning the eggheads who want to knock their heads against a Rock. You know what is going to happen to those heads. Bernie Sanders is taking on a set of power brokers in America he cannot win.

I can tell you Bernie Sanders is going to balloon the deficit and send the American economy into a tailspin.

How is Bernie Sanders going to pay for all those services while still making the American Military the best and the greatest in the world?  He must tell us how he is going to totally hypnotize the Republicans in Congress to go along with his tax and spend platform? 

Bernie is going to be a disaster for America. If he gets elected as the oldest man to ever seek the presidency.

I can bet he would not even complete his first term in office.  He would be taken out or simply impeached because what he is canvassing is just not possible. 

It is true that FDR who signed into law the Social Security legislation became the longest-serving President in American history.

FDR, a former Governor of New York had executive experience before his elections as President. He was a much younger man than Bernie and he was far smarter and far more experienced than Bernie Sanders. He had a wife Eleanor Roosevelt who was his alter ego in many ways and one of the foundation pillars of his success as President.

When FDR introduced the Social Security legislation he managed to get it passed and signed into law with only a few votes from the Republicans on a promise it was going to be a temporary in order to minimize the terrible effects of the Great Depression. Bernie Sanders is not FDR and he will never be.

I want to end the article the same way I started it. I pronounce with all the emphasis at my command that Donald Trump is not Abraham Lincoln and that Bernie Sanders is not FDR.

Americans would be delusional to equate Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders with Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt I rest my case.