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Nigerian Air Force Drone Destroys Boko Haram Base Outside Sambisa Forest

February 2, 2016

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) released a video of an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UAV) destroying what is believed to be a Boko Haram logistics base today, according to a statement released by the NAF Director of Public Relations and Information Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa.

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“This strike is a major setback for the Boko Haram sect and a major plus for the fight against insurgency,” Mr. Famuyiwa wrote in a statement.

According to Mr. Famuyiwa, the location was found during a surveillance operation which “came across a gathering of Boko Haram terrorists at Garin Moloma, about one kilometer north of the Sambisa Forest.”

He also noted that the video depicts “multiple explosions and a huge fireball from the location” following the strike, which “strongly suggests that it may be either an ammunition/fuel storage or weapons/technical workshop.”