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How Femi Smokey, Governor Mimiko’s Brother-In-Law, Killed An Innocent Man In Akure

February 10, 2016

Femi Adeniyi,  (AKA Smokey) and the brother-in-law to Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko, is accused of killing Ondo resident Ibikunle Sunkanmi in a reckless motorcade accident that occurred late Friday night. The accident is said to have taken place in Akure, the Ondo State capital, a SaharaReporters investigation revealed.


Private detectives speaking to a SaharaReporters correspondent revealed that their investigations found that Mr. Adeniyi, popularly known as #FemiSmoky, struck Mr. Sunkanmi on the Ijapo/Fiwasaye road in Akure.

According to the detectives, Mr. Adeniyi was driving a motorcycle from one of the popular drinking establishments in the Ijapo Estate.

Mr. Adeniyi drove Mr. Sunkanmi to Ondo State Specialist Hospital himself. Unfortunately, Mr. Sunkanmi was pronounced dead minutes after he arrived.

Mr. Adeniyi fled the hospital parking lot minutes after receiving news of Mr. Sunkanmi’s death, according to these same detectives.

A source close to Mr. Sunkanmi expressed sadness at his passing.

“It is just a pity that our friend [Sunkanmi] is dead and it is painful that he met his untimely death in the hand of Femi Smoky, who is reckless and flamboyant,” the source lamented to our correspondent.

Another source claimed the matter was immediately reported to Governor Mimiko, whose wife, Kemi Mimiko, reportedly gives Mr. Adeniyi a monthly salary siphoned off from public funds.

According to associates and law enforcement authorities in Ondo State, Mr. Adeniyi has developed the reputation of being wild, unruly, and violent.

A source who identified himself as a friend told our correspondent that three years ago “Smokey killed a young woman along the Fiwasaye road with a motorbike purchased by the governor’s wife.”

Another acquaintance, aware of his time employed at a bank in Ondo State, said that he had assaulted several staff members and is said to have attempted to rape a female co-worker. Mr. Adeniyi was fired from his bank job when details of this attempted rape surfaced, according to this same source.

A few weeks following his termination from the bank job he is said to have began receiving steady paychecks and allowances because his sister is married to Governor Mimiko. Mr. Adeniyi is also said to have been given substantial contracts to import clothing for Governor Mimiko.

An official in Governor Mimiko’s camp disclosed to our correspondent that Mr. Adeniyi’s sister bribed several police officers to protect her brother from prosecution. This same source revealed that Governor Mimiko intimidated government workers to not discuss the details of this incident with the public.

It has also been learned that when the public became aware the Mr. Adeniyi’s involvement in Mr. Sunkanmi’s death Governor Mimiko began threatening and intimidating journalists to discourage publication of the story.

Different family sources exclusively informed SaharaReporters that the governor and his wife had offered Mr. Sunkanmi’s parents the sum of N10 million along with a parcel of land.

It was gathered from other close sources that agents, working under the instructions of the governor, repeatedly threatened a friend of the deceased who broke the news on social media.

“Because his [the whistleblower] life is currently in danger and he has gone underground.

“Several men were seen at his compound the other day,” the family source claimed.

SaharaReporters’ investigation revealed that the whereabouts of Mr. Adeniyi is currently unknown.

His wife issued a statement to the press regarding her husband.

“My husband [Mr. Adeniyi] also sustained injuries on the chest and he told me he would be visiting the hospital for treatment. I have not heard from him,” Mrs. Adeniyi said.

Mr. Sunkanmi was buried in a shallow grave along Igbatoro road in Akure, on Tuesday. It was later revealed that friends and colleagues of Mr. Sunkanmi disagreed with the family’s decision to accept cash from Governor Mimiko.  

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