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Democrats Would Be Toast In November If Sanders Becomes The Nominee By Dr. Wumi Akintide

February 11, 2016

The self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders is a Johnny-come-lately into the Democratic Party. Bernie was too ashamed to even run on the platform of the Democrat in Vermont for all of his close to 25 years in Congress. The guy is now trying to be more Roman Catholic than the Pope.

America is not only the Super Power of Military Power. She is the super power in scientific breakthroughs. She is the super power based on the number of Nobel Peace winners that come out of the United States from year to year.


Americans cannot afford to hand over the keys to the kingdom to a lunatic ego-driven multi- millionaire and snake oil salesman. Similarly, the world cannot afford to deliver those keys to a 75-year-old self- proclaimed Socialist with little or no experience in foreign policy and who talks about Revolution. You only talk of a Revolution when things have become sufficiently dire, such as what occurred in Russia and France. What America deserves after 8 good years of Obama in the White House is not a Revolution but a more progressive evolution.


I am amazed when I see ignorant and misinformed blacks and minorities warming up to Bernie Sanders who is sending a subtle but powerful message that the first black and minority President to ever live in the White House has more or less failed to justify his call for a Revolution. I totally reject the notion that Obama has failed. The young man has done pretty well. Hillary can only go there to improve on that record and make it better. She knows how to do it far better than a Bernie Sanders, as her record in the Senate has proved.

I state all these facts, up front, to acknowledge that politics is played in America like no other country in the world. Today two insurgent candidates that have little chance to become the nominees of their Parties are currently leading the pack on both sides of the aisle in the first two states of Iowa and New Hampshire the two states that are given the honor to start the primary season and the presidential race.

That this is happening to the two dominant parties in American Politics is one proof that anything is possible in America. But if you have lived in America and have studied American Politics for as long as I have done, you will realize that the Revolution that Bernie Sanders is talking about, and getting standing ovations for, is going to be a mirage at best. The enthusiasm for Bernie in rural Iowa and New Hampshire is going to gradually burn out and lose its steam and focus as the primary season shifts down to the South and to the mainland of America. I can tell you that Bernie and his supporters are going to take a beating in some of those places as we go forward. The Bernie challenge is going to make Hillary a better and more focused candidate as time goes by.

I am predicting that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are going to begin to lose steam starting from now until March ending when the clear nominees should have emerged in both Parties. I told you before that I was rooting for Hillary and Jeb Bush to be the nominees of their Parties as the primary season shifts to down South.

I am predicting that Jeb Bush and Hillary are going to start showing some muscle as the race shifts to the South and other states. Jeb and Hillary are going to be out front from now on, barring any unforeseeable development or craziness.

If Jeb Bush continues to fall behind I can imagine a John Kasich or Ted Cruz picking up steam while Donald Trump would begin to dissolve or fade away. That is my prediction this early in the game.

That said I now want to focus like a laser beam on why Hillary is going to stall the revolution streak of Bernie Sanders from now on. First of all, I am tempted to quote a Yoruba proverb which says that “Ti ewa ba l’Okuta, ki nse enu afoju lo ye ka tigbo” meaning that if there are pebbles or little stones inside a bowl of beans, it is never a blind man who should reserve the right to point that out, because he or she is blind and totally incapable of picking those pebbles from the bowl of beans.

The self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders is a Johnny-come-lately into the Democratic Party.  Bernie was too ashamed to even run on the platform of the Democrat in Vermont for all of his close to 25 years in Congress. The guy is now trying to be more Roman Catholic than the Pope. If he wants to do that we all reserve the right to tell him he cannot do that. Democrats are grateful to him that he is drawing the attention of Hillary to a few of the things she needs to add or emphasize in her platform but, the man is asking too much to want to be the democratic nominee and putting Hillary on the sideline. That is not going to happen. We are not going to allow it because Hillary understands the problems of America far better than Bernie Sanders.

Candidates like Hillary and her husband, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have been lifetime Democrats who have never wavered in their convictions and their loyalty to the Democratic Party. They have gone down to the mat for the Democrats every step of the way for all of their political life.

They were there when the Democrats had to take on the Republicans to fight for some of the benefits the middle class and the minorities, the LGBT community and women are enjoying today. By the time George Bush left office in 2008 more than 46 million Americans could not get medical coverage. Today the number has gone down by no less than 18 to 20 million because the Democrats led by President Obama and Hillary Clinton have fought tooth and nail for the affordable Health Care Reform Law that Republicans are swearing to repeal if they ever regain the White House next November.

If Hillary becomes the candidate what she plans to do is to add another 20 0r 25 million people to the 20 million people already receiving medical coverage but socialist Bernie is promising to make health care and education free at all levels if he is elected President forgetting that the Republicans are going to cut him down to size with the label of a “Socialist”.

While the Republicans and the mainstream of Americans are calling for a smaller Government, socialist Bernie Sanders wants to balloon the size of Government and make Government the biggest it has ever been since 1776. That plan is not going to fly in conservative America.

The Republicans would beat Bernie Sanders like a drum in November if he ever becomes the nominee. The guy is making the case that the Republicans would use to kill his ass in November when he says he is going tax and spend like a drunken sailor. If the Democrats want to win in November, Hillary is our candidate.

The Republicans are praying and hoping that the Democrats would make the mistake to nominate Bernie Sanders. If they do, the Democrats are toast in November without any doubt in my mind. The Republicans are going to nominate a younger and more vibrant candidate that would immediately make “Age” a big and decisive factor in the election in November.

There is no way in the whole world Sanders can ever defeat anyone picked by the Republicans even if it is Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, two sons of Cuban immigrants. It would be a no contest at all if John Kasich or Jeb Bush becomes the candidate. Bernie Sanders would be wiped out and the Democrats would lose heavily in both Houses of Congress. If Hillary is the candidate she would not only go on to win in November, the Democrats would pick many more seats in the US Senate and would be able to govern successfully.

That Bernie Sanders is preaching for a Revolution to occur after Obama is a subtle but powerful message to Americans and the whole world that the Obama’s presidency has failed which is the point that the Republicans have been making for all of the 8 years of Obama.

The Republicans have never given Obama any credit for all of the good things he has done in 8 years. They would not even acknowledge his great success in Foreign Policy and his capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden which is one of his greatest accomplishments as President.

Obama has managed to isolate Iran and to force Iran to put his nuclear ambition on hold for 25 years without going to War, which is a colossal achievement. Today Unemployment has come down to 5 percent from close to double digits when he took over from George Bush in 2008. Gas is selling for less than 2 Dollars per liter. The economy has picked up and the Auto and Real Estate Industries in America have picked up significantly.

America is on her way to unprecedented progress under Obama and here comes Socialist Bernie Sanders talking as if Obama has done nothing in 8 years of progressive Government. Bernie Sanders wants to frontally attack and impoverish Wall Street the foundation pillar of America’s capitalist system.

Bernie Sanders is as crazy as a fox to suggest that the goose that lays the golden egg for America should be crucified and pilloried but Hillary is suggesting that Wall Street have been greedy and irresponsible in some ways and should be checked.  But to then take the quantum leap and call Wall Street the enemy of America is a distortion of reality.

Hillary is going to make Wall Street pay their fair share of taxes and check their greed and excesses without liquidating them. That is the way to go and that is a plan that has a chance to succeed. Hillary knows how to do it. She has done it before when she represented New York in the Senate for 6 years and was able to walk across Party lines to sponsor and pass legislations with her Republican colleagues because they see more sense in her middle of the road approach.

Bernie Sanders does not have any experience to compete with the eventual nominee of the Republicans but Hillary is by far the most experienced candidate to ever run for President in America and she would be the first woman in History to be elected the President of the United States.

The Republicans are not delusional. They know that for a fact and that is why they keep on attacking Hillary because they know they are going to face their Waterloo if Hillary and Bill Clinton return to the White House for another 4 or 8 years.

If you watch their debates, they hardly ever refer to Bernie Sanders because that is the opponent they want to run against next November because they know that Hillary would chew them up and spit them out in a landslide victory. The Democrats would be crazy to pick Bernie Sanders as their nominee for the general election in November.

I rest my case.