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Police Nab Suspected Killer Of Ghanaian MP

February 11, 2016

Barely 24 hours after the murder of a Ghanaian Member of Parliament, the police say they have nabbed the culprit.


The police are withholding the name of the man they say has confessed to the crime.

A source at the Greater Accra Regional Police Command said the suspect was arrested on Thursday with three mobile phones, two of which have been confirmed to belong to the deceased MP. The third phone, the source said, is password protected.

Reports have surfaced that the jail mate of the suspect overheard him plotting the murder of the deceased, MP Adu, and then reported it to an unnamed MP. The suspect is an ex-convict who is also a beneficiary of Ghana’s Justice For All programme, a programme put in place to decongest the country’s jails by releasing prisoners deemed to have committed less severe crimes.

MP for Abuakwa North, JB Danquah Adu, was gruesomely murdered at dawn on Tuesday February 9 at his home in Accra.

Even though the New Patriotic Party has indicated that it suspects foul play, initial reports suggest the man arrested is just a petty thief and not a hired killer.