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Ese This, Ese That, So What? By Churchill Okonkwo

March 3, 2016

When this story started gaining traction in Nigerian media, I couldn't tell whether the hype was because of Ese’s age, the alleged kidnap, "forced" conversion to Islam, Sanusi's alleged involvement or Buhari's aim to Islamize Nigeria.


I thus concluded that it was all overblown. I also sensed that there was an ulterior motive to criminalize Muslims, settle score with Sanusi (for going after GEJ) and finally make a case about Buhari's intention to Islamize Nigeria. I couldn't imagine myself as part of that conspiracy in whatever form and thus refused to join the fray.

Admitted, whoever broke the law (I hope there is one) should face the consequence and thanks to Nigerians for coming together (at least for once) on this matter.

Now, I am very happy that Ese has been “rescued”, so, what’s next?

I think we should first see the ‘success’ in ‘rescuing’ Ese as a stepping stone to discoveries to the power of the Nigerian masses. 

Recently, the spokesperson for the Nigerian national Petroleum Cooperation announced a daily importation of about 45 million liters of petrol daily. So, it is a fact that that the current minister of petroleum who happens to be Mr. president together with the MD of NNPC have failed to refine our crude oil. It is also a fact that all the redundant big heads at NNPC and DPR are just busy collecting allowances for local and overseas training, retraining, courses, seminars etc. on how to market the Nigerian crude oil, never to refine.

So, can we all deploy the same level of energy, time and money and call for the immediate privatization of these redundant refineries? Can we bring these same forces together to rescue our states and Nigeria from the kidnappers and looters called politicians and executive governors?

The truth is that there are thousands of Eses in one form or another all over Nigeria. They are right there in our streets, villages and even churches. We buy pure water, gala and fried plantains from them every day. If you care so much about Ese Oruru, what have you done about these other nameless Eses? Yes, what about that Ese in your uncle’s house?

Most importantly, it is very hypocritical to be complaining about Ese’s kidnapping and do nothing when your poor niece, my poor niece, your poor neighbor’s daughter are being kidnapped daily and “forced” to work as maids or marry just to make ends meet. To pretend to care so much about Ese while keeping a “kidnapped” maid subjected to inhumane treatment in your house, your brother’s house or neighbor’s house is hypocrisy.

But she was impregnated, ee-yaa. I heard you, but our pastors, our ordained reverends, Fathers also impregnate church members and even married women every day in our very presence. What have you done? Don’t you feel guilty when you kneel down in front of them to receive that Holy Communion?

Close your eyes and see the Eses you know and take genuine action about their plight. Enough of these hypocrisy and pretense.

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