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Saraki Mobilizing Nigerian Legislators To Take Down The Federal Laws Under Which He Is Being Tried

In another desperate attempt to evade justice, Senate President Bukola Saraki convened a meeting last night in his home with "likeminded" Senators during which they agreed to go after two of the major laws that have ensnared him.

As a result, following resumption from the Senate’s long recess today, the Senators went into a private plenary session, and two bills were promptly listed on the Senate Order Paper, seeking amendments to the Nigerian Constitution. 

The bills, which have now already undergone First Reading, are:

The Code of Conduct Act CAP C15 LFN 2004 (Amendment) Bill, 2016 (SB 248), nominally sponsored by Peoples Democratic Party Senator Peter Nwaboshi (Delta North); and

The Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 (Amendment) Bill 2016 (SB 249), sponsored by Senator Isah Misau representing Bauchi Central.

The invitation to last night’s meeting in Saraki’s home was sent by former “anti-corruption” crusader Dino Melaye, using the mobile telephone number of Peter Makanjuola (0803 390 3330). 

Makanjuola is Saraki's Deputy Chief of Staff.  The strategy seemed to have been to send the invitation using that phone to avoid detection.


One Senator, who attended the meeting, said that when concern was expressed that President Muhammad Buhari would veto the bill, Saraki told them he had enough support in the Senate and the House of Representatives to override such a veto.

During the meeting at Saraki’s home, he took the opportunity to announce to members of his core support group that he has ordered the purchase of Toyota Landcruiser V8 engine Sport Utility vehicles to be given to each Senator.   The Senate President is hoping that greed will override commonsense and that with each Senator getting a car, his support base would be solidified.

Our Senate source noted that 36 cars have already been purchased, each one costing N35 million each.