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Embattled Senate President Saraki Dozes Off In The Dock As Corruption Trial Takes Its Toll

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, now relieves himself of the psychological stress associated with his ongoing trial before the Code of Conduct Tribunal by intermittently dozing off inside the dock as his trial proceeded.

The testimony of the first prosecution witness, Michael Wetkas, revealing how Saraki looted the treasury of Kwara state between 2003 and 2011 when he served as the governor of the state, is enough source of emotional trouble for the number three citizen of the globe's most populous black nation.

The long hours of the sitting of the tribunal since his full blown trial started at the court last week is another laborious task that stretches Mr. Saraki beyond the limit.

This explains ‎why the Senate President often nap while sitting cross-legged in the Code of Conduct Tribunal's dock during the proceedings of Monday and Tuesday.

It is hard for most members of the audience to notice how Saraki slipped in and out of the power nap mode during proceedings because he is seated facing members of the panel, backing the majority of the audience.

Reporters and tribunal officials on the far left side of the courtroom have seen Mr. Saraki doze off on Monday and Tuesday during his trial.

The trend started on Monday but became more pronounced on Tuesday.

Saraki ‎would usually come back alive with his eyes red after some minutes or seconds of napping.
On several occasions on Tuesday, Saraki was seen robbing his both eyes simultaneously with both hands each time he is awake from his slumber.

He would put up a blank facial expression some moments after waking up not minding the witty remarks by his leading lawyer, Kanu Agabi, a former Attorney-General of the Nigerian Federation. Mr. Agabi's jocular remarks typically come when Saraki dozes off,  his comments usually threw the whole courtroom into a roaring laughter as if they are designed to alert Saraki to stay awake.

But some moments later you would find the Senate President already dozing off, struggling to stay awake.