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N-K's Top 5: How to be A Satisfied Nigerian Single

May 4, 2016

Yes, I’m a Nigerian female and I’m a satisfied single. Na wetin?

Nigerians are quite shy and not very outspoken about their relationships or relationship status (especially if they’re single) because they feel that they will be incorrectly judged by society for not having everything figured out. If you are “of age” in most people’s minds, have a job, independent and it’s known that you’re single, you are more than likely being judged by your relationship status.

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What a lot of people (the loud-mouths) fail to realize, is that a relationship is a union that doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes some time for both partners to build and grow in a relationship and this process can never be rushed. Different people are single for different reasons, so you can never compare situations. Some people struggle with self-esteem, past relationship issues or just aren’t used to being in a relationship. Being single is not a sin, instead I look at it as a blessing. If you want, make una roll your eyes. Being single allows you to focus on “you”. You’re able to work on your self-assurance, mindset and build yourself up to prepare for what would want from a relationship.

Keep on reading to find out my 5 tips on how to be a satisfied Nigerian single:


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Prayer not only plays a significant role with your relationships but also in your daily life. Whether if your religious or not, I believe you need to take some time out of your day, week or month to pray about your solitary every so often. I believe in establishing a bond with God for you to have a safe place to express yourself. I’m not saying beg God for a companion. You need to be able to share your thoughts/ opinions with God without being ashamed. You shouldn’t just ask for someone to pop in your life to paint a pretty picture, but instead ask for someone who will come at the right time and be a helper. Also, prayer will help remove any forces that may have been cast over your head; the devil is a liar!

Go out more

You need to get out there! Whether it be by yourself, with your siblings or friends, you need to discover new settings or locations. You can take a trip every once in a while to let loose. Try a new restaurant and experience a new cuisine or even hit up various coffee shops for a change in scenery. Whatever it is you choose to do, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people.

Explore your options

A lot of people say they have a “type” and make a list of characteristics they want their partner to have. That’s good because you’re able to narrow down your likes and dislikes about the type of person you would want to date, but it also limits you. You need to step out of the box sometimes and try something different. Someone you never considered as an option in the past, could be one of the best people to ever come into your life. I would rather you make a list of expectations of what you would want from your partner and work your way up from there.

Don’t focus on peer pressure

Whether you’ve been single for one day, a few months or several years, you should never settle for less. You must be content with and firm about the decisions you make in your life because you don’t want to regret them. Dey get lions, tigers and bears out there. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. They’ll tell you all sorts of jargon about the dating scene to make you feel inferior or boost up their relationships to make themselves look pleasing to the public. A lot of times, they create a facade and make others feed into it. Take your time while dating and before you commit to someone.

Stay busy

Keep yourself occupied with different hobbies/ pastimes. If you don’t have one, find one oh! Whether it be with music, the outdoors, socializing etc. Google can become your best friend because you search different hobbies/ activities to get involved in. You’d be surprised by all the new things you’ll get exposed to.


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