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Second Girl Rescued By Nigerian Troops Not Part Of Chibok Girls

Two parents of the abducted Chibok girls say they are doubtful about the identity of a second girl, Serah Luka, reportedly rescued by Nigerian troops.

A spokesperson of the Nigerian Army made the claim on Thursday.

In separate phone interviews with SaharaReporters, however, the parents said they have yet to be shown the girl, a full 24 hours after she was said to have been rescued, and affirmed they do not have a Serah Luka on their list of the kidnapped girls.


One of the of parents, Lawan Hannah who is the secretary of the Parents Association of the Abducted Girls from Chibok, said the army ought to have brought the rescued girl to Chibok for identification before releasing her name and photograph to the public.

He wondered why the Nigerian Army has refused to unite the girl with her parents so that their claims can be verified.

Asked if he had seen the photo released by the army, he said nobody in Chibok has because they lack Internet access in the area.

The first of the hundreds of girls to be recovered, 19-year old Amina Ali Mkeki, was found on Wednesday near in the company of a man referred to as her husband, and a four-month-old baby.  She met with President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday.

Before going to press,  the press release below was obtained by  Saharareporters:

We are excited with the news of yet another rescued Chibok girl.

According to Haruna Mutali, a community leader in Chibok, their background checks have revealed that this second returnee, Miss Serah Luka, was an SSS 1 learner at GSS Chibok, who was abducted by the insurgents in her home in Madagali.

Every citizen returned is victory for us all.

We appeal to the humanity in us to stay positively focused on emerging developments. We wish to advice caution in disseminating information too promptly, as we appeal that we respect the human dignity of our returnees and their loved ones, as we engage on this topic.

We commend the gallant Nigerian army, the Civilian JTF, and the other security forces. We are strongly with you, as through great sacrifice you annihilate the insurgents, return our compatriots, reclaim our territories, and restore peace and normality especially in northeast Nigeria.