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Kano Police Hold Woman Coerced Into Suicide Mission

A mother of three, Hajiya Khadija Ibrahim, is now in the custody of the Kano State Police Command, following her alleged abduction by men suspected to be Boko Haram militants. A police source disclosed that the woman's abductors took her from Maiduguri to Kano to use her in a suicide mission.

Narrating her story to the state Commissioner of Police, Maigari Dikko, in the presence of reporters at Kano Government House on Sunday, Ms. Ibrahim said  she was approached by some men in a vehicle. According to her, the men offered to give her a ride to a hospital, but instead whisked her to Kano.

She added that her captors told her they were conveying her to the Famous Kantin Kwari Market in Kano so that she would help execute a divine assignment.

Frail and dejected, Ms. Ibrahim told the Commissioner of Police that she was unconscious right from the point she was abducted to the place where the vehicle developed a mechanical failure along Maiduguri Road in Kano. She said she woke up to only to discover a suicide belt strapped to her body.

She said she injured and bloodied herself trying to remove the suicide belt strapped to her.

She added that she also ran in order to escape from her abductors while the suspected Boko Haram militants tried to fix their car.

According to the woman, a good Samaritan came to her rescue and took her to the Hotoro Divisional Police headquarters. 

Ms. Ibrahim revealed that her captors had vowed to trail her movement no matter where she hid. She stated that the way her captors tricked her spoke to how they used innocent people for their killing missions.