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A Passenger's Ordeal In The Hands Of Aero Contractors

A passenger has described Aero Contractors Airlines as the most unreliable and least professionally-run in the aviation sector. The passenger, who sought to take an Aero Contractors flight from Lagos to Accra, the Ghanaian capital, on 30 May, said the airline treated passengers who booked the flight with disdain.

"I have heard the airline delays flights on this route for as long as six hours and 'the heaven has not fallen'. He bought the ticket on May 29, with an intention to travel the next day.              

Less than one hour after he had bought his ticket for the trip to Accra, he received four text messages- one immediately after the other- that the flight had been canceled.

On the day he was to travel, he went to the airline's office for a refund since the flight had been canceled. He wanted a refund because he had made up his mind not to fly any airline other than Aero.

But he could not get a refund and was forced to repurchase his ticket, with which he would fly on May 31.

After the purchase, he said, the issuing clerk told him the flight was at 7.15 am.

"She also took my phone number, the same number to which they had previously sent information on flight cancelation," he said.            

But on May 31, he got to the airport at 5.50 am only to be told the flight had been shifted to 10 am. This implied a delay of two hours, forty-five minutes.

Angry, he headed for the airline's office to complain about the disdain with which customers are treated. All he got, he narrated, was that the airline had sent a message communicating the flight delay to customers.

"I asked them what number phone mine was sent to. That was when I discovered the clerk that issued my ticket had actually recorded a wrong number.

"And all I got for that stupid mistake was 'Sorry," he said

He wondered why Aero Contractors cannot get basic things right and reckon they and other errant airlines will further ruin the country's image.