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I Would Sooner Vote For Harambe The Gorilla Before I Vote For Donald Trump By Dr. Wumi Akintide

June 2, 2016

Dubious businessmen like Donald Trump with their eyes set on profit by any means do not belong in politics or public service where the ultimate goal is rendering service, not expecting immediate gratification.

If Harambe the Gorilla was a counter-puncher with an inflammable temper like Donald Trump, he probably would have strangled the 4 year old intruder that recently fell from nowhere into his home and space at the Cincinnati Zoo.
I was scared to death as I watched the little boy being dragged around in the shallow pond like a rag doll by the 450 pound Gorilla. Like every Grandpa in America, I was petrified that little boy could easily have been one of my grandkids.
It was the closest I thought that boy ever got to instant death from a beast who knew no better than what he did in the peculiar circumstance that he found himself in minutes before he was shot dead to save the life of the little boy. It was a huge comedy of errors for me as an animal lover who would have wished a less draconian end to the nightmare which all television stations and cable stations kept repeating over and over again yesterday to my agony. I wish Harambe had lived to challenge Donald Trump for the Presidency. I would have voted for him before Donald Trump could ever get my vote.


My point is that the Gorilla controlled his temper a lot better that Donald Trump who has his eyes fixed on becoming the next President of the United States and the leader of the Free World. Donald Trump’s performance at his Press Interview at his Trump Plaza Hotel in New York yesterday was bizarre to say the least. He clearly demonstrated the reason why he could never be President of the United States if the decision were left to me alone and people who think like me.

I take it that Donald Trump would still receive the votes of many of the crazy bunch in the Republican Party and the birthers who appreciate Trump’s temper and leadership style and who are resolutely determined to stop Hillary Clinton by all means from becoming the first female President of the United States because of their phobia for the Clinton couple. The group detest the Clintons for their good fortune and for being so good at what they do. They detest them for their very impressive track record in Public Service for upwards of 40 years.

They are more interested in dismissing those sterling qualities and achievements only to settle for a snake oil salesman and the self-appointed Chancellor of the moribund Trump Scam University which fizzled out as quickly as it was floated because it was nothing but a scam to make money off the back of innocent Americans with good credit who thought they were shooting for the moon by gaining admission to the mirage of a Trump University.

Donald Trump knows no other way to make quick money than to try his luck in different ventures like floating a Trump Airline or starting a Taj Mahal Casino, all of which had to file for bankruptcy within a few years, even though Donald Trump has boasted of being a billionaire with so many real estate priceless assets, resorts centers, golf courses and landed properties all over the world and all over the United States in particular.

Give unto Caesars what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s. Dubious businessmen like Donald Trump with their eyes set on profit by any means do not belong in politics or public service where the ultimate goal is rendering service, not expecting immediate gratification. Donald Trump will mortgage America and the future of generations yet unborn if he is given the keys to the White House. He would have been alright if he is running for office in a third world country where the rule of law is only a slogan and where a Head of State like Idi Amin Dada could easily order Archbishop Luwum of Uganda murdered in cold blood for challenging or criticizing the dictator. Donald Trump would fair a lot better in Nigeria where Ibrahim Babangida easily took out Dele Giwa by sending him a time bomb that killed him instantly.

Any American President who tries to do that kind of thing would not survive to tell the story. I can well imagine a President Trump doing that kind of thing without losing any sleep because he only loves himself and nobody else. Richard Nixon, the last American President to do anything remotely close to that, had to resign in total ignominy before he was impeached. Donald Trump cannot just use the media and dump them. He would like to chill and freeze the media but he is going to fail like Richard Nixon. If American voters fail to learn from History, they are doomed to repeat it, and they must not is my bitter advice.        

Donald Trump has admitted being subjected to annual audit for 12 consecutive years by the IRS and he is currently unwilling to release his returns for all of those years as other presidential candidates and presumptive nominees of all of the major political parties are all by protocol and conventional wisdom required to do.

The mere fact that he would refuse to release his tax returns when little fries like you and me are being harassed by the IRS if we ever fail to file our tax returns or if IRS finds anything suspicious in our returns from year to year. The mere fact that the IRS would have been on his back every year for 12 consecutive years has to be seen as a smoking gun that needs to be further explored in fairness to his other competitors for the Presidency. Spiro Agnew was impeached and disgraced out of office for tax evasion and paying less where he should have paid more like Donald himself has inadvertently admitted in a press conference without the reporters asking him a follow-up question.

Under no condition must Donald Trump be allowed to get away from being held accountable for those tax violations and infractions and total disregard for the law which should be no respecter of persons however powerful and rich. He is always the first to argue that Hillary must get the hammer for committing a less egregious mistake for keeping a mail server with private e-mails even when he knew the security cover for her husband, a former President, should have given her some cover to make it less likely for her mail to be hacked since they both live under the same roof. But Donald Trump still would not let go on that.

Why must the media not pursue Donald Trump to the gates of Hell on his tax returns? The issue is also a security and criminal matter because he has been robbing America and he has to be held accountable.

As much as I subscribe to the Eleanor Roosevelt precept that “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, but little minds discuss people,” I see a need to differ a little bit when the subject is Donald Trump and his aspiration to lead the United States and the whole World.

I differ because I value America and her place in the committee of nations. I differ because I see America as the best experiment in human history. I differ because I am scared to death about the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the escalation of the forces that could predictable lead to the 3rd World War under a President Trump.

I differ because I have two of my sons serving proudly in the US Navy today and I fear my sons could be sent on a wrong deployment and put in harm’s way by a loose cannon of a President like Donald Trump who acts before he thinks and who shoots from the hip before he aims at any object.

I differ because I don’t want to see the unity coalition built by the first black President and the conqueror of Osama Bin Laden put in total disarray by an arrogant and abrasive President Trump who thinks he is the smartest person in the world who can negotiate America out of every imaginable crisis regardless of any position taken by the other countries of the world and their leaders.

I differ because Donald Trump lies and cheats all the way with a bold face and a smile and he goes bananas if anybody ever tries to challenge him. He only likes and appreciates praises and adulation. He does no appreciate or welcome criticism however small or apposite and he does not respond positively to stress or crisis which forms a heavy dose of the problems every President has to confront on daily basis.

I differ because I would not feel comfortable to have the keys to the highest seat of power in the world handed over to Donald Trump. I differ to have the decoder numbers to launch those weapons of mass destruction handed over to him because I passionately believe he will misuse it.

If you don’t believe me, just look at his track record as a businessman and the kind of campaign he has run so far in his bid to secure the nomination of the Republican Party. He has more or less made himself the judge and the victim in every situation who decides who is good and who is bad, depending on what those individuals think of him.

If they support him, they become the best in the world, but if they are very critical of Donald Trump they become lousy, crooked and sleazy, sneaky and weak and incompetent like he did to Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham to mention a few. He is the only Saint in the world who has the answer to every problem. He is going to build the wall and Mexicans are going to pay for it whether they like it or not.

If any foreign Head of State ever disagrees with a President Trump in the public or behind closed doors, there is no telling what Donald Trump is going to do or what names he is going to call them because he has a very short fuse and because he is a quintessential counter-puncher who will knock some senses into such Heads of State on the excuse that they attacked him first, like a third grader school boy would have done.

If you agree with his logic, Mayweather, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, George Foreman, Joe Frazier or Mohammed Ali would have been fit to be President of the United States because they were far better counter-punchers than Donald Trump could ever be.

I agonize on putting Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton close to each other when they both get into the presidential debates. If you think Rick Lazio of New York was a bully, wait till you see a Donald Trump. He could predictably hit or give a black eye to the poor woman if she dares corner the bully in a debate in a way that deflates his balloon or ego.

I agonize about that all the time because Donald Trump does not always like to lose an argument. He himself prides himself on the fact that he has always won every argument or deal and he does not know or understand how to handle defeat or adversity and Republicans want the rest of us to vote for their presumptive nominee. They should go tell that to the mountains. It is not going to happen. How a man or woman handles defeat or success says a whole lot about him her. I can tell you that Donald Trump has woefully failed that test in my book.

I have got to end this piece here and now in deference to learned Professor Ozodi Osuji of Alaska who recently gave me a C- in a term paper I wrote for him on the Facebook. On a sober reflection, I found that he was right and I promised to do a better job in my next paper.

This article is my very first attempt at doing that to satisfy not just my learned Professor but a good many of the fans of this column who agree with him. I want to be a good student for once.

I rest my case.