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US Supports Dialogue With Niger Delta Militants

The United States embassy in Abuja issued a statement today endorsing dialogue between the Nigerian government and militants in the Niger Delta region.


The statement follows the several deliberate explosions of gas and oil pipelines in the Niger Delta region by militants, including the newest group the Niger Delta Avengers.

Statements by the Niger Delta Avengers vowed to totally halt oil production in Nigeria.

The fully statement by the US embassy can be read below:


June 7, 2016

The U.S. Mission to Nigeria is monitoring reports of attacks and other incidents in the Niger Delta.  We share the concerns of all Nigerians about these attacks.  Furthermore, the United States remains supportive of efforts, including the promotion of dialogue, to address grievances in the Niger Delta.  We encourage all parties to resolve their disputes through peaceful means and emphasize that human rights of all Nigerians must be protected.

We continue to call on all Nigerians to persevere in efforts to achieve common goals: to end violence and curb the activities of criminal elements; to establish conditions and mechanisms for profound, positive, and lasting changes in the region; and to provide economic opportunity and needed services for residents of the Niger Delta.