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Real Estate Developer Uses Mobile Police To Abuse Tenants

SaharaReporters has obtained CCTV footage of an unidentified man being abused allegedly by thugs and a mobile police team under the direction of Oby Okwubanego. Mrs. Okwubanego is an estate developer and oversees an Abuja estate called Winning Clause Estate located at plot 67 Kafe District, Gwarinpa, Abuja. These police officers, brandishing guns and even firing them into the air, have not been identified at the time of publication.

A citizen reporter submission stated that, “in her usual tyrannical approach [she forced] her way into the residence of a subscriber with her bunch of Assassin/Terrorist and her illegal personal mobile police.”

This citizen then added that they “molested and attempted to kill the security man or anyone who try to stop them simply because he gave water to a next door neighbor.”

It is also alleged that Mrs. Okwubanego fraudulently took over from the original owner, Saraha/Proform LTD with the influence of the former First Lady Patience Jonathan and the former Minister for the FCT Bala Mohammed in 2011.

I was also alleged that many residents in the estate live in fear and worry that their homes could be unlawfully demolished.

The full video sent to SaharaReporters can be viewed here:

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